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    Life Matters

    Integrity and ethics in the workplace

    The critical failure of integrity and ethics in the workplace is well documented. Thus it is not surprising that the behaviour of people in public and high-profile positions comes under scrutiny. But when it does is it the role of the media to publicly air ‘dirty laundry’? Earlier this year the former Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, resigned following a probe into her workplace conduct by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). It related to a secret relationship she had with a former New South Wales Member of Parliament (MP), Daryl Maguire. The outcome of the matter is yet to be made public. This week integrity and ethics…

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    Can curiosity kill the cat?

    Can curiosity kill the cat? Afterall, don’t they have nine lives. That adds up to a lot of curiosity. But what does it mean when someone says, ‘curiosity killed the cat?’ When I hear the phrase, it takes me back to a song. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ was the title. It was recorded by the Little River Band in 1975. Forty-six years later the tune and lyrics are still with me! Is everyone curious? Or only some people? And what are we curious about? Some of us are more curious than others. How did we get that way? Was it through teaching or an innate natural ability? Taking curiosity too…

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    Life Day By Day,  Life Wise Hints

    Are distractions good for us?

    You would have heard about the child in the classroom, the one who is distracting others. He is a popular boy with his parents, but not the teacher. But distracted children are not a problem. They are on a learning journey. They are working out how to relate to others and the world around them. So be easy on them. There are distractions and distractions. Some are healthy and others are unhealthy. There are distractions that we invite into our lives that can help us. Then there are distractions that get us off track. They take us away from what we should or could be doing. I can focus and…

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    Life Day By Day

    Living life on fast-forward

    Are you, like me at times, living your life on fast-forward? Today’s world is moving at such a pace. Yes, even with COVID-19. Life is a continual motion. Always moving forward. There is the sense that we have to get somewhere faster than the time before. I became aware of this when I was watching television a few days ago. It was a current affairs type program with guests debating topical issues. I had listened to one speaker for long enough. I reached for the button to fast-forward to something more interesting. I then realised that as it was a live program and there was no fast-forward option! Does such…

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    Finding treasure in the garden

    Finding treasure in the garden is not an everyday occurrence. Back in the early 1990s when gardening we came upon what we thought could be buried treasure. It turned into a digging frenzy. But it was only part of an old boat. It must have been easier to bury it rather than take it to the local waste facility. It is Spring in Queensland, Australia, and a great time for gardening. We have had more than our usual rainfall for this time of the year. Thus, our lawn had turned into a beautiful shade of green. The birds sing every morning. A soft mellow tinkling tune apart from the Kookaburra’s…

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    Birds of a feather flock together

    This week in Australia is National Bird Week, 18 -24 October 2021. Anyone can take part in the great Aussie Bird Count. If you missed it this week, then there is always next year. We have many visiting species of birds in our backyard. This is due to living steps away from a park – 31 hectares of bushland. It has plenty of space for bush walkers, runners, and mountain bikers. So much space that it never gets crowded. Wherever we go, in the great outdoors in Australia, we find the same species of birds flock together. Birds look like they have a carefree life. They float on the wind…

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    For the common good

    I have met and know many people that make an effort to live their lives for the common good. That is, sharing the benefits of living in a civil society. But I also know of people who put self-interest before the common good. Self-interest is a subtle characteristic. It is not always recognised by those who put self-interest ahead of the common good. They have little insight or care about this trait in their character. So, there is none or little guilt associated with their way of life. COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Health Orders The stay-at-home health orders, due to COVID-19, are for everyone to follow. The orders are in place for…

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    Life Matters

    Celebrating life through connection

    How good am I at celebrating life? How good are you at celebrating life? Do we pause to reflect on the key moments of life and celebrate? There have been key moments in my life that I did not celebrate. Or at the least, celebrate in a way that was memorable. The best way we can make celebrations memorable is when we share them with others. Celebrating the happy times Most of us will celebrate a birthday. A birthday number with a zero is notable and worth celebrating. Another decade of life. What were the experiences, the highlights, the lowlights? There are so many milestones in life we can celebrate.…

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    Finding your place

    Have you found your place? Can you remember when you were at a large group celebration, a wedding, or a corporate event. That is, before COVID-19. You are wandering around the tables looking for your name, your place. Have you ever been the one to swap the table name cards so that you could sit near someone else! You either recognised that this was not the best place for you or for the other person. It’s a small fact of life and not one that is likely to have much impact. But what about other situations when finding your place is not so easy. Belonging Most of us, all of…

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    Life Matters,  Self-Care

    Expectations and a happy life

    Is it good for us to live our lives with high expectations? Will it make us happy? Or will we be happier if we lower our expectations? But what if we keep our expectations high? If we do, there is a high likelihood we will experience disappointment. Not everyone, or every situation, can live up to our expectations all the time. More so if we set the bar too high. To have a happier life is it as simple as lowering our expectations? We humans are complex beings. We might be alike in many ways, yet in many ways we are different. Thus, we have different expectations of ourselves, others,…