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    Christmas with …

    Where will you be this Christmas? And who will you be with? Will your mind wander back to your childhood days of Christmas and other special occasions? If so, like me, will you draw on the happy memories? When I reflect on past Christmas and New Year holidays, I am grateful to my parents and extended family. They left me with so many happy memories. I am the first-born of seven children. My childhood memories take me back to 92 Barrack Road, Cannon Hill. It is a suburb of Brisbane and it was my paternal grandparents home. This is the house where my father grew up, the boys sleeping on…

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    Wellbeing and lifestyle

    Does wellbeing and lifestyle partner together for health and happiness? Can we have one without the other? I believe that what we put first can make a difference to how we feel about ourselves and those around us. Wellbeing Let us start with wellbeing. If you read my earlier article, I wrote about the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. But wellbeing is not just about diet. Our wellbeing has at least four parts. It is made up of physical, emotional, mental, and social factors. Work is another important factor. We give of our best at work when we trust those we work with, when there is good communication, and our ideas…

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    I have seen a few COVID CUDDLY people. These people were not always COVID CUDDLY, but this year 2020, things changed. We have all been managing the Coronavirus, COVID-19 and some of us have joined the COVID CUDDLY army. Once I realised I had joined the COVID CUDDLY army I thought I have to do something about it. All my ‘good intentions’ of exercising at home, when it was not safe to go outdoors, disappeared – just like a puff of smoke! One of the best ways to lose the COVID CUDDLY kilos is to cut out carbohydrates. Things like bread, pasta and potatoes. I am a big fan of…

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    Out and About

    The thrill of a worldwide open border

    I am looking forward to the day when we can travel unrestricted to any world destination – a worldwide open border. I will be so excited at the departure terminal. In all the excitement I hope I do not accidently take hold of a strangers hand when standing in the Qantas queue! Like me, have you missed the freedom of going on an overseas holiday? Even the one you planned for 2020. Your hope of going to new places and meeting new friends was put on hold by the coronavirus. But, there is hope in sight. We are getting closer to a worldwide open border once there is a COVID-19…

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    KJ's Kitchen

    Cooking at home

    How easy is it to cook at home? Do you get into the kitchen and make that delicious recipe grandma made or do you rely on a recipe book? I have a collection of my favourite recipe books that I have carried around with me from home to home. My recipe book collection includes ‘From the Galleys of Nantucket’ a book of recipes from the Ladies Union Circle, North Congregational Church, Nantucket. I have the Twelfth Edition (1983). The First Edition came out in 1969. It was a gift from family living in Boston, Massachusetts. Then there is ‘Herbs for the Kitchen’ by Irma Goodrich Mazza that I bought in…

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    Life Day By Day

    Keep me as the apple of your eye

    Last week we were in the car on our way to Toowoomba’s Grand Central shopping centre. It was early in the morning, peak hour. It is a time of the day we like to avoid, due to the traffic. But if we want our favourite parking space on our favourite level, we have to join the mayhem on the road. As little as it is in comparison to the city of Brisbane, just ‘down the hill’ – a country term for not too far away! I was driving and at the traffic lights waiting for them to change. I noticed a sign on the back window of the car in…

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    Life Matters

    A COVID calamity

    We all have our share of calamities in life. But right now, individuals, families and communities are sharing a major calamity. A COVID calamity. The effects of movement restrictions, lockdowns in Australia and across the world is having an impact. We have a worldwide problem to solve. How do we live with COVID? Living within a COVID normal environment leaves no one untouched. For those struggling with mental illness the pandemic has been an unwelcome factor in their lives. For those who were living a carefree life without mental illness, many are now suffering from anxiety and depression. Mostly caused by financial problems, unemployment, loss of housing and isolation. Unconsciously,…

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    Life Day By Day

    Noises in the night

    When you live close to the bush like I do there are all sorts of sounds you will hear in the night. The noises in the night are made by small animals, marsupials, reptiles and birds finding their way around. Last night I was awoken by what sounded like a loud bang. It sounded like something landing on something!! You never know what is happening outside, while you are sleeping inside. How did the early explorers sleep in a swag under the stars? Have you slept in a swag under the stars, like my son Matt? He did a trip in remote parts of Western Australia, sleeping in a tent…

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    Life Day By Day

    Good decisions/bad decisions

    We all make decisions every day, some are good decisions and some are bad decisions. With some decisions we will know right away whether it was a good or a bad decision. For other decisions we have to wait a while to find out! Good decisions This morning I made a good decision, the one not to get up too early. If you read my article from last week then you will know about the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule. That is, we have five seconds to make a decision. If we have not acted on the decision in five seconds than our brain switches off. We have lost…

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    The best way to start your day

    Where I live in Queensland the days are getting longer and warmer. I will have more time in my day if I get up earlier. I have always liked getting up early. It is such a beautiful time of the day. There is silence, apart from the birds singing. The air is crisp, and the sunrise is an ever-changing landscape of colour and splendour. But is getting up early the best way to start your day? Or is getting up at the time you decide, the best way to start your day?   The five second rule Firstly, we have to get out of bed. This is where the 5…