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2020 Vision in 2020

We are about to step into a New Year but will we have 2020 vision in 2020? At the very least we all have an opportunity to make 2020 the best year possible for ourselves and others. We can visualise the life we want but our experiences might be different.

For many Australians there will be struggles in 2020. For those who have sufferered and are still suffering from the devastating bushfires there will be many dark days ahead. It will be difficult for many to bounce back to where life was before the bushfires. There has been so much loss: of life; of homes; of businesses and livelihoods. There will be many challenges as people reubuild their lives and form a new vision for 2020 and beyond.

As I was thinking about this my mind wandered to the eagle and how strength can be drawn from the behaviour of the eagle. We all need a little eagle power in life to get us through difficult times. We can see our situation at ground level, but if we have eagle power we rise above our circumstances and get a new perspective.

I definitely want a new perspective for 2020. I do not want to set too many goals, ones that I will not keep! But I do want to improve my motivation to lift my gaze and do well with the tasks I set myself.

If I don’t lift my gaze all I will see are the turkeys on the ground spending a great deal of time flapping around and getting no where. I want to be like the eagle. The eagle approaches life with confidence, it is secure in its surroundings, it takes control of its circumstances and watches the air currents.

When an eagle faces a storm it has a greater capacity to manage the circumstances than a smaller bird. The smaller birds struggle, but eagles lock in their wings and soar on the face of the storm. This is a good lesson from the eagle. When we face difficult situations we have to lock in our wings and soar on the currents above the storms of life.

It is time for me to lift my gaze and soar with the eagle.

Like me, you may have goals and dreams for 2020 but to realise these we may have to lock in our wings and wait! Therefore, the first step I am taking is to develop my wing power. How we develop wing power is by keeping on. The task is to keep moving on, even when we face difficult times.

This is the time to keep hope alive and surround ourselves with people who will support us. Not people to pull as down, but people who will encourage us and lift us high. Sometimes we need to ride on the wings of another for a time. Until we are strong again.

When an eaglet is learning to fly they will be nudged our of the nest and picked up by its mother’s wings before it reaches the ground. This continues to happen until their wings are developed. Our ability to cope with life is strengthened through our circumstances, including adversity. Our wings (our resilience) are developed by not giving up, but by moving forward and visualising better times ahead.

The eagles vision is five times stronger than humans. They have the ability to see above and behind. The eagle, such as the Australian wedge-tailed eagle has very keen eyesight. It can see in two ways, the whole countryside and a small part of it as though it was seeing through a telescope. It can detect prey and the movement of a field mouse when it is soaring hundreds of feet above the ground. It becomes single minded and locked into line with its keen vision.

For me, a good place to start in 2020 is to follow the lessons of the eagle. It is time to lock in my wings, to keep single minded in my vision and know that with eagle power I can manage whatever lies ahead.


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