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A Carnival of Flowers

Spring is here and everywhere I look there is a Carnival of Flowers and Toowoomba is about to celebrate. Apart from a display of flowers Toowoomba has much to offer during the Carnival of Flowers a yearly festival event held in September. If you live in the city or plan to visit at this time of the year you will find the city is blooming lovely. Flowers are also blooming at our place and in nearby Boyce Gardens, despite the lack of rain in recent months. Enjoy this pictorial display of flowers.

Flowering gum Queens Park Botanic Garden. View during the Carnival of Flowers 21-30 September 2018 and much, much more.
Wisteria, Boyce Gardens. A short walk from our place.
This is the bud of a flower, Boyce Gardens. Anyone know what it is called?
The flower once the bud opens, Boyce Gardens.
Clivia Miniata Red at our place. You will find mass displays of these in Queens Park, Margaret Street, Toowoomba.
Azalea in our side garden. This is one of the flowering azaleas the Princess Chickens enjoy looking at from their outdoor play area.
King Orchid grown by my O&O.
Our lemon tree we planted last year. So many flowering buds. It looks like 2019 will be a bumper crop.
Nasturtiums are edible flowers. They have a strong peppery flavour. The leaves can also be eaten and added to a salad. They are prolific growers at our place. I keep pulling them out as they will take over a garden.
The yellow climbing rose.

Yet, Toowoomba is not all about flowers it is about people, culture, art, craft, food, wine, beer and much more! Go to Trip Advisor for the 10 best things to do in Toowoomba.

I think I may have just become an unofficial ambassador for Toowoomba! See you here soon.

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