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A COVID calamity

We all have our share of calamities in life. But right now, individuals, families and communities are sharing a major calamity. A COVID calamity. The effects of movement restrictions, lockdowns in Australia and across the world is having an impact. We have a worldwide problem to solve. How do we live with COVID?

Living within a COVID normal environment leaves no one untouched. For those struggling with mental illness the pandemic has been an unwelcome factor in their lives. For those who were living a carefree life without mental illness, many are now suffering from anxiety and depression. Mostly caused by financial problems, unemployment, loss of housing and isolation.

Unconsciously, complex questions swim around people’s head. How long will I have to live with the pandemic? How long will it be before there is a vaccine? Should I take the risk and eat out? Should I plan a holiday? Or should I stay at home?

Have you had a loved one say to you ‘you stood too close when you were talking to our neighbour’ or ‘don’t touch the surface’ or ‘stand back’ when at the supermarket checkout?

There is something in the air and no one wants it to be the COVID virus. But we are living with it. It is an unwelcome virus into our world as each day we face a COVID calamity. When I am out shopping, we all avoid one another. No hugs, no touches, no handshakes. This is not normal, but it has become a COVID normal.

Lovely places make us feel good. The country is great place to relax. Go for a drive if you can.

COVID-19 is a sneaky virus, we never know where it is lurking. Is it in the air or on a surface? Are we standing next to an asymptomatic person? Someone carrying the virus, but with no symptoms? The tension builds slowly but surely. It is like building a Lego tower, layer after layer, until it falls over!

Therefore, we all have a role in our COVID normal day to care for those around us. In caring for ourselves music is great therapy.

Rather than have COVID in the air, what about a little bit of love? It will be a great day when we are confident that COVID is gone and all we see and feel when we look around is – ‘love is in the air.’ Enjoy the song.


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