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A Summer of Skewers

Summer is a great time to gather around the BBQ. The weather in Queensland is perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. As long as you work around the summer storms!

Are you like me and planning to cook up a storm in the kitchen this festive season? This summer at our place will be a ‘summer of skewers.’ Seafood, meat, or chicken skewers made up in the kitchen and then taken outside to cook on the BBQ. We have two outdoor cooking options. One is the gas Weber Q, and the other is the Weber Go Anywhere charcoal, hibachi style, cooker.

The great thing about cooking on a skewer is that everything is in bite size pieces. For children vegetables taste better and look attractive if served on a skewer. If you are not a meat, poultry, or seafood lover than you can make up a skewer of tofu. There are so many easy home-made marinades that will add flavour to the food of your choice.

One of my favourite meals this summer is BBQ prawns with lemon, parsley, and garlic. I have also substituted sea scallops which also make a delicious meal. The great thing about skewers is that you can prepare the food in advance. For me it makes the dining experience more enjoyable. There is no rushing around in the kitchen while everyone else is outside in a festive mood.

I have a great cookbook with recipes for barbecues and picnics. It was published by the Woman’s Day Test Kitchen (Edited by Jean Hatfield and first published by Octopus Australia in association with Woman’sDay) copyright Hennerwood Publications Limited. I have the 1984 reprint. I cannot find a later edition anywhere. But there are plenty of cookbooks to choose from if you want to join me in my summer of skewers.

The first step is to find flavoursome marinade recipes. You can buy marinade in a bottle from the supermarket, but the home-made versions always taste better and is healthier.

Lamb Souvlaki marinating for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Make sure you have a supply of skewers on hand. We have metal skewers with wooden handles and bamboo ones which also work well. However, do not forget to soak the wooden ones in water for 10-30 minutes beforehand. The longer the better.

Once you have your skewers organised, all you need to do it to find a few recipes to join me in my summer of skewers. If you do not know where to start here are some great ideas from the Gourmet Traveller. Buon appetito.

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