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A Walk in the Park

Yesterday we went for a walk in the park. We live only a few steps away from Jubilee Park in Mount Lofty, Toowoomba. We have been busy doing other things and walking in other places but not in Jubilee Park. The park is 313 ha of bushland and has tracks that are available to walkers, mountain bike and horse riders. It has spectacular views down the Great Dividing Range. There are different trails with helpful signs displaying the length of the walk and approximate time it will take. Two days ago my “One&Only” (O&O) went for a walk when the house was being sprayed for pests. By chance he decided to investigate the Jubilee Bridle Trail and was astonished by what he experienced. We did the same walk yesterday but went further walking almost 5 kilometres.

How could we have left it so long when we have this amazing forest walk so nearby. It reminded me of the forest corridor we had planted in Maleny (over 4000 trees and shrubs) that had pathways through that my O&O made over the years. It was a wonderful place, quiet and peaceful. That is exactly what we found in Jubilee Park, what a great walk in the park! The great part about this forest walk is that we can enjoy it without having to maintain it. As it is on the side of the mountain we could see where creeks would form in heavy rain, just like our forest we had in Maleny. I am looking forward to a walk in the park after a summer rainstorm to experience the different sounds and sights of the forest.

The bird life was prolific. For the first time, in a long time, I heard a whip bird. What a great place for bird watching. I suggested to my O&O that we should get one of those light weight walking sticks that folds out to a seat. Then we can find a shady tree and sit and wait for the birds to appear. It is the perfect way to relax.

We did enjoy our walk in the park yesterday. We discovered just how far we can walk in pleasant surroundings with no need to take the car out of the garage. It was lunch time when we arrived home. But before lunch we sat down to contemplate and appreciate our walk in the park. What happened? We promptly fell asleep for 30 minutes. Exercise and rest – very good for us as we age!

Enjoy the photos from our walk in the park.

Part of the Jubilee Bridle Trail
On the ground of the Park
And in the air, when taking a walk in the park
The birds love their life in the park
This is a King Parrot
Perhaps this one is a type of finch?


Anytime now, maybe you too, will enjoy a walk in the park.

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