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I am one of those people who were born between 1946-1964, a ‘baby boomer.’ I refer to myself as a ‘late bloomer, baby boomer.’ Many of my dreams, such as graduating from university, did not happen until I was in my thirties. Later in life I gained two Master Degrees (Master of Social Work and Master of Philosophy). I am married to Bill and have a son, Matthew. I am the eldest of seven children and grew up in Toowoomba, Queensland, in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

When I first heard the name ‘Scattered Straws’ I was drawn to it and the symbolism of straw. The stalks of threshed grain have life-giving qualities and straw has a range of uses. Straw is also an analogy for the elements of life that can be weaved or braided together. When I was searching for a name for my blog I discovered that George Essex Evans (GEE) [1863-1909] had a column in the Darling Downs Gazette and he called this ‘Scattered Straws.’ It became an institution in the literature of Toowoomba, Queensland. Here I am over a century later bringing the column up to date with a blog. What would GEE think? GEE was known to have a clever use of the English language and in his column he used this in a way that was often concise and terse. I cannot claim to have a clever use of the English language however I hope my blog is interesting to readers.

I am now retired from the workforce and what better time to have a blog. The greater part of my working life was in human service delivery as a social worker and senior administrator in the Queensland Public Sector. In October 2015 we moved from a rural property in Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia to Toowoomba, known as the Garden City. There are many beautiful parks and gardens and each September the City hosts the ‘Carnival of Flowers.’ The first event was held in 1950. It as the longest running floral event held in Australia. The City is ‘on the move’ – economically and socially. There is a great cafe scene which has drawn comparisons to Melbourne. The Toowoomba second range crossing is open which will reduce the number of heavy vehicles passing through the centre of the City. The Wellcamp Airport is another great edition to the City, thanks to the Wagner family.

I enjoy writing and a few years ago wrote articles for magazines. I also enjoy a range of music including the Classics, Easy Listening and Jazz. I do play the piano and the ukulele. These days I also have more time to read, garden and experiment in the kitchen.

I love living with chickens. There is nothing like holding a warm egg in your hand.  Our chickens (they are really hens) are called Princess Chickens. Their title came about due to them being treated like royalty. They get only the best treatment, my four heritage hens! There is Carmella (Buff Sussex); Lucy (Plymouth Rock); Golda (Double Gold Laced Wyandotte); and Melba (Barnevelder). They each have their own personality and add amusement to our lives.

Years ago I noticed that most people seem to define themselves and others by what they do in life, usually measured by an occupation. However, for me it is so much more important about what I am ‘becoming’ than what I have ‘accomplished’ even though setting and achieving goals is a fundamental part of life. Life is a journey and as I travel this season of my life I want to gather up all the ‘scattered straws’ to make the journey worthwhile. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

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