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An Adventure Holiday

An adventure holiday has been the reason my blogging has been non-existent for several weeks! If I had an iPad or a lightweight laptop I could have blogged every week but as adventurous as I am I have not ventured down that path. Going on holidays these days you find free Wi-Fi wherever you turn. My excitement though soon turned to disappointment as time after time my mobile anti-virus told me there was a security risk with the free Wi-Fi. Therefore, there was no free Wi-Fi for me!

Every holiday is an adventure but for me it is more of an adventure if you are constantly on the move. And move we did! The first part of our holiday was catching up with family in regional Victoria. We had a few days in Melbourne to explore the city sites, culture and food it had to offer. My “One & Only” (O&O) took me on a walk down memory lane as he lived and worked in Melbourne for years before moving to Queensland. We had been to Melbourne on other occasions but did not have the time for my O&O to retrace his steps and experiences of his earlier life in Melbourne.

After this we flew from Melbourne to Hobart full of anticipation for our Tasmanian Holiday, our adventure holiday.  We saw and experienced the best parts of Tasmania and along the way we covered 2700 kilometres of highways and byways around Tassie – that’s what the locals call Tasmania.

Old growth forest, Tasmania
Old growth forest, Tasmania

This was one of those holidays where you start with ambition to do and experience as much as possible. After a while my O&O and I realised there is only so much we can do in a day. We are getting older and our resilience is not as “highly tuned” as it used as it was when we were younger. It became clear towards the end of the holidays, the last few days, when our enthusiasm waned for new adventure. My O&O and I agreed that we had so much adventure on our holiday up to that time, we did not need any more!

One of the best parts of a holiday is the “before time” – the anticipation and preparation. In my view holidays are best described in three phases. These are the “before time”; the “real time” and the “after time”. In the preparation time, I have no problem with all the preparation – the “before time” that is, getting ready for a holiday. Neither do I have any problems with the “real time” i.e. the experience of the holiday, particularly if you have already paid for it and not paying it off over the next 6-12 months. The time I dislike most is the “after time”.

The “after time” is the busiest time. There is all the unpacking of the suitcase, washing clothes, reorganising the wardrobe, cleaning shoes and getting everything back in order. It is also time to place in the bin all those things I thought was a good idea to keep, such as the shoe shine and the shampoo and conditioners from the hotel!  It takes time to get back into the rhythm of life after you have had a holiday and away from the daily routine.

Another part of the adventure holiday was taking photographs with my digital SLR Canon camera. I took many happy snaps! Now during the “after time” I will be organising photos for weeks to come. But then again, this is an enjoyable task as I relive the holiday through all the great photographic memories. The above photo is just one of 956!

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