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And the birds still sing

There have been many changes in our lives over the past couple of months and we are all making adjustments to life – at home. Despite this, some things remain the same. The other morning when I awoke I heard the sweet melody of birds outside the bedroom window. The birds continue on with their lives as usual. They are unaffected by COVID-19. They have no restrictions on their activities. And yes, the birds still sing.

What’s up these Easter holidays

As the birds still sing, others across the world are joining in, singing. Well known entertainers are live streaming their songs and encouraging others to ‘hang in’ during the COVID-19 lockdown. Many individuals and families are finding new ways of amusing themselves. Some of these are new activities, never considered pre-COVID-19.

We all must stay at home. However, there are exceptions, and these vary from state to state or territory in Australia. In Queensland a person or family can have two visitors who are not part of the household. However, in public only two people can be together unless there are more who are part of the household. In South Australia the two-person rule is just ‘strong advice.’ South Australian’s can have a gathering of less than 10 people. Given that the aim is to ‘flatten the COVID-19 curve’ I would have liked to see the states and territories agree on a standard rule across the country. Such a position would give Australians more confidence in the decisions that are made and how our leaders are problem-solving together. Consensus is not too difficult, but it requires an ability to compromise and see the other side of the argument. Alongside this – the birds still sing!

What’s up at our place

Life goes on as usual with a few adjustments, including no picnic’s in Queen’s Park or no BBQ’s at all the beautiful locations surrounding Toowoomba.

My son is staying with us as he lost his job due to COVID-19. During the week I did his washing including folding it up and putting it on his bed. He could not remember the last time when someone did his washing. We had a good laugh as I had him doing his own washing when he was 15 years old and now in his 40s I am doing his washing! This is the impact of COVID-19 and how it is changing our lives.

The upside of having Matt with us is that he is a good cook who loves getting into the kitchen. More rest time for me! Not that I am short of things to do at home. Over the weekend I will make my favourite Gingered Rhubarb Jam and Sweet Chilli Sauce. The rhubarb and chilli’s grown at our place. I enjoy my home and all it has to offer. My home is my sanctuary. Now that everyone is spending more time at home it is a good time to reflect on the importance of ‘place’ of ‘home?’

Lasagne and salad – thanks Matt.

When I was out during the week, for essential food shopping, I was overcome with emotion looking around and seeing how much our lives had changed; people side-stepping when close to others; people wearing masks and plastic gloves; shops with their doors closed; and few people in the shopping centre aisles. Our lives have changed significantly and yet, the birds still sing.

What’s up with our chickens

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that my favourite hen Carmella died a while ago. Some weeks after her death my other three chickens were rehomed. I had no plans to get any more chickens.

But after my One & Only (O&O) and I did some renovations on the chicken coop I reconsidered the possibility of getting more chickens. We have a good setup with a large coop and attached run and we did miss our home-grown eggs! Now that we are living with COVID-19 I thought we should be self-sufficient and have our own eggs, once again.

It seemed that others also had the same idea – get chickens! I could not find any. I spoke to a woman at Gatton (30 minutes away) who told me she had 60 point of lay pullets and they were all sold within three hours. Eventually I found a source and waited 6 days when we picked up our three new girls. We have had them for two weeks now, but our fresh eggs are still around 3-4 weeks away.

Meet Molly, Polly and Dolly. They are inquisitive and friendly and I can tell them apart.
Our car kept telling us to go on a long drive to charge the battery. It was essential we do this and at the end of this country drive-way we picked up our new girls (aka Princesses).
Little Princesses eating their greens.

Yes, our Isa Brown chickens (Princesses) are settling well into their new home – Cluckingham Palace. We live in a treed area with many different birds. Our little Princesses are becoming familiar with all the different bird sounds – and yes, the birds still sing!

P.S. Our chickens are called Princesses because they get the best of everything – treated like royalty!

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