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Are the anti-vaxxers vexatious?

We are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic with people dying, so why are there anti-vaxxers? What motivates them? Are they vexatious by nature and is the Coronavirus simply another cause? And where do they get their information that COVID-19 vaccinations are dangerous?

My attention was bought to this issue from a Facebook friend who had been influenced by a local community leader, a politician, and an anti-vaxxer. He believes there is a conspiracy behind the vaccine and the vaccination program.

Other information proliferating in communities is that the vaccine is a spreader of  the virus. Therefore, if you get the vaccination, you get the infection. Then there are anti-vaxxers talking people out of having the vaccination. They are soliciting people lined up to have the vaccination with their propaganda!

It seems to me that the anti-vaxxers are at work to cause trouble and division amongst people. They are vexatious. They do not consider that people are already under enormous stress due to the pandemic. People are juggling work, business, financial and family situations. Mental illness is on the increase. Regardless, the anti-vaxxers go ahead causing more worry, stress, and hesitancy about the safety of the vaccine.  

Anti-vaxxers information usually comes from a lack of research, an uninformed position. If they find evidence to support their cause they manipulate it to suit their opinion. Further, they do not trust the medical experts.

I have been fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca for around a month now. I am thankful to the medical scientists who worked around the clock to develop COVID-19 vaccines. Also, to the medical experts who worked tirelessly to ensure the vaccines were safe.

Anti-vaxxers should stop spreading misinformation, get informed and get vaccinated. Take for example the polio vaccine. This vaccine has worked. There are more than 18 million people able to walk today, who would otherwise have been paralysed. But even after decades of worldwide vaccinations the virus is yet to be completely eradicated. Viruses hurt people, they are dangerous, not the vaccine.

Other misinformation from anti-vaxxers includes them believing that people will die from the COVID-19 vaccination. Then they go on to quote the numbers of deaths where this has happened, but they use unverified data.

Hearing from those who have had COVID-19 or who are currently suffering with symptoms is disturbing. It is a serious disease.

To get things in perspective listen to Paul Barry’s Media Watch Program of 19 July 2021 (click on the link below). Viewing time is 9.39 minutes. It deals with the facts. It also, debunks the earlier claims made by high profile Australians, anti-vaxxers, who are misleading others with misinformation.

Featured photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.

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