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Barefoot in the Kitchen

It is not a good idea to go barefoot in the kitchen. If you dropped a knife you could stab yourself in the foot! When I was thinking about this I thought of the saying “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”.  It commonly refers to a woman’s place being in the home. Further, the woman should have as many children as she can during her productive years. Try to tell this to the Millennials. That is, the generation born between 1982-2002.

Very slowly, the attitudes and views towards women is changing. No longer, is the only place for women in front of a stove with children hanging off her apron. Today’s woman has a place at the boardroom table, is CEO of a multinational company, director of her own law firm or a painter, electrician, mechanic or gardener. The  Sex Discrimination Act (1984) made it illegal to discriminate against women if they had family responsibilities or were pregnant. These days most women will continue to work while pregnant. It was a different story in the 1960’s when women had to give up work once they married. Their place was in the home!

Although, there are cultural shifts in attitudes, there is more to be done. In Australia, the national gender “pay-gap” has remained between 15% – 18% over the past two decades. As a result women have less superannuation when it comes to retirement. It is clear that Australian society is not as progressive as it needs to be when it comes to gender equality. In 2013, Australia was ranked 24th on a global index measuring gender equality. This was a decline from number 15th in 2006. Young women, sit up and take notice! We are not there yet!

A woman should have the final say in her place in the world. It could be at home or the workplace – her choice! It is “choice” without prejudice that gets the gender balance right! Little by little, there is a gender correction. Women are training as chef’s and men are training as nurses.

Now that I am retired I don’t have to think about work responsibilities and attending another training session. Right now, at my time of life I decide when I will attend a training session of my choice. Such as exercise training – taking a walk or trying a new recipe. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I cook at home from scratch. I also know that the product that comes out of my kitchen is fresher and without preservatives and additives.

Yesterday, it was all happening in KJ’s Kitchen, but not in bare feet! The photos below give you a walk through what has been happening! Enjoy your weekend and happy cooking!

We grew these chilli’s. They start as green and change to red. I am not sure of the type but I decided to make Sweet Chilli Sauce with them.


The Sweet Chilli Sauce I made is on the left. The supermarket variety is in the glass. The recipe I use is easy to make. It does have sugar but no stabiliser 415.


I decided to use my food processor to make coleslaw. I usually do it by hand. Somehow I think I used the wrong cutting blade given the wastage!
A home-made fruit loaf. I tried a different cycle in the bread-maker this time. I liked it better last time, but it still tastes just as good!



  • Christine Anne Reghenzani

    The sweet chilli sauce looks delicious Kathryn. Did you see the doco That Sugar Film screened on SBS on 2 April? Nobody would buy processed foods after seeing it. Well done for making your own bread and sauces using fresh food.

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