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The case of the disappearing pen

I am on the case of the disappearing pen. We can buy a pack of twenty and before long we have trouble finding one. Then there is the matter of the 750 wheelie bins that went missing from the town of Lismore because of the rain event from Cyclone Debbie. Only 50 bins were found. Where did the other 700 wheelie bins end up? What about all the socks that disappear? Where do all the missing items go?

Then the other day my “One & Only” (O&O) could not find his keys on our return home (via the remote control into the garage). All was well, we found them in a door with the door wide open. Nothing in the house had disappeared, thankfully. A few days before my O&O could not find his car key. We searched high and low. I thought we should have a break and think on it for a while – it just can’t disappear! Finally, I found the key, safely tucked away in one of my jacket pockets. I wonder who put it there? Sometimes, it is not so easy for things to disappear in our house. But there still is the matter of the disappearing pens. Is it worth thinking about? The missing pen cost less than twenty cents from the supermarket but that gold-plated pen that was a gift must be hiding somewhere! It was the same when I worked in an office. We would buy 50 pens and before long everyone was looking for that elusive pen!

Hold on to your pen or it may disappear!

Do pens disappear to the bottom of a handbag or a briefcase? Certainly, not to the bottom of my handbag. I always have difficulty finding one there! My O&O usually comes to the rescue with a pen from his pocket. Should I ask how many he has hidden in his pockets? Is that where all the pens go? No, not there either!

The missing pen phenomenon also happen with teaspoons. A research team at the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health in Melbourne placed 70 numbered teaspoons in various tea-rooms across the Institute and tracked these for 5 months. Eighty percent of them disappeared for good! Read more about their research here. It is a fact that pens, spoons, socks, ribbons, hair pins, combs, brushes and now wheelie bins, all disappear after a while and there is nothing we can do about it. Replace and forget that is my motto! What about you? What goes missing at your place?

2 thoughts on “The case of the disappearing pen”

  • Good one KJ. I’ve just been pursuing pen refills at the newsagent (this is not a viable option compared with buying cheap biros). Pens not only disappear at our place, they run out (that’s what happens when a writer lives in a house). Meanwhile I just bought eight pairs of blacks socks, on the understanding I’d always be able to make a pair!

  • Surprisingly, I did have a pen that “run out” recently. One of my favourite pens with a refill from Officeworks. Those refills never seem to last too long these days! Great to hear you are one step ahead with always finding a “pair” of socks!

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