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    Are the anti-vaxxers vexatious?

    We are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic with people dying, so why are there anti-vaxxers? What motivates them? Are they vexatious by nature and is the Coronavirus simply another cause? And where do they get their information that COVID-19 vaccinations are dangerous? My attention was bought to this issue from a Facebook friend who had been influenced by a local community leader, a politician, and an anti-vaxxer. He believes there is a conspiracy behind the vaccine and the vaccination program. Other information proliferating in communities is that the vaccine is a spreader of  the virus. Therefore, if you get the vaccination, you get the infection. Then there are…

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    What’s for breakfast?

    What’s for breakfast? Is that something you get asked at your place or is breakfast a traditional meal? That is, everyone knows what’s for breakfast. Brekkie as it is called in Australia is our first meal of the day. Unless you are a shift worker and your mealtimes run on a different clock. When I was growing up breakfast was cereal and toast. My sister Susan’s favourite was Sanitarium Weet-Bix, mine Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. In the winter, my mother would make porridge. I was never a big fan of porridge; it was too mushy. However, these days I cope okay with porridge, fresh fruit, milk, and honey. If you eat…

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    Coffee lovers

    If you are a coffee lover then I am sure you know all the best places near you to find the best coffee. I have not been a coffee lover or coffee drinker for years, until recently. Why the change? I am making an effort to get more calcium in my diet and therefore I am drinking more milk. One option I like is ovaltine light break. However, my son is staying with us at the moment and he enjoys a coffee in the morning. Not expresso or from a plunger or a coffee machine, but the old fashioned way, from a jar – Moccona Classic 5 coffee (medium roast).…

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    Time for a beach holiday

    There is no time like Autumn or Winter weather for a beach holiday in Queensland. There are other places across Australia where you can enjoy a great beach holiday. Yet, Queensland has some of the most spectacular beaches found in the world. Do you ever long for the wide open spaces of a beach holiday? Walking or sitting on the beach and looking at the expansive ocean while contemplating life. While I love living in the country I always look forward to a beach holiday. There are many reasons for planning a beach holiday. We get an opportunity to explore a new area or reacquaint ourselves with an old stomping…

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    Wellbeing: food and nutrition

    We all need a nutritional diet whatever our age. We are what we eat and therefore it is important to eat for health. Food is essential to life as without food we perish. Yet, it is not enough to eat any food. We need food that will give our bodies the nutrition it needs for good health. Eating nutritional food will then give us the energy we need to live a good life. Without proper nutrition in our food our bodies will not be able supply our energy needs or repair our body. If I want my body to operate well then I have to be mindful of what I…

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    Wellbeing and micro-moments of connection

    It is good for our wellbeing if we are connected to others. This can be family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and social acquaintances. We are social beings, therefore we have a desire to be accepted, to belong, to be connected. Connectedness is important as it boosts our wellbeing. Connectedness starts once we are born Connectedness begins with others when we are infants. The Romanian experience tells us how damaging it is when children have little interactions or connectedness with others. When the communist government fell in 1989, after the Ceausescu era, the West discovered the state of children living in orphanages. The communist government had ruled that children were better…

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    Personal wellbeing

    There are many elements to our personal wellbeing. Yet our wellbeing is more than elements around how we live our life. Our wellbeing is dependent on many factors, including how we respond to life changes and challenges. What do we need for the journey? For our wellbeing journey we need resilience. Our wellbeing thermometer is at the right level if we have the ability to bounce back when life deals us curve balls. That is, something unexpected or disruptive happens in our lives. However, when trauma or tragedy occurs, it can be difficult to bounce back, to keep positive. Our wellbeing, our mental health, can come under attack. At times…

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    Wellbeing and the web of deceit

    How does wellbeing and the web of deceit go together? The answer is that there are times when we deceive ourselves by believing we are looking after our wellbeing. What should we eat and drink? We might believe we are having a nutritious diet of protein, fruit, vegetables, bread, cereal and dairy. But then if we are overindulging in chocolate, ice cream, chips, or lollies, we are caught up in the web of deceit. We are deceiving ourselves. Food for thought! Then what about that glass of alcohol? The one that holds half a bottle! Only one glass a night? We are deceiving ourselves, that is, if we are on…

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    Wellbeing and a positive attitude

    This week I continue writing about topics that influence our wellbeing. Another one of these is a positive attitude. I am doing this to remind myself about all the interconnected factors that impact on my wellbeing, and yours as well. Being well or wellbeing helps us achieve our goals in life. Life is easier to manage if we are well.  That is, if we are comfortable, healthy, and happy. Well, what about attitude? A key link to our wellbeing is attitude. That is, our attitude to a person, event, or behaviour from ourselves or another. An attitude can be either negative or positive. It is better for our wellbeing if…

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    Wellbeing and procrastination

    Does our wellbeing depend on our ability to manage procrastination? I believe it does. Our wellbeing interacts with a range of factors including physical exercise and nutrition. If we do not exercise and take care of our nutritional needs, then we could be a procrastinator. A friend of mind has a high-level job and is very decisive in her decision-making. But recently she told me that one area of indecision is when it comes to physical exercise and her diet. I concluded that my friend has a passion for the work she does and that is why she is extraordinarily successful. But her passion fades when it comes to physical…