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    Courage mingled with vulnerabilities (CV)

    What a difference a few months can make. No longer do we have control over where we go and what we do. The coronavirus, COVID-19, CV for short, is controlling us. I am now controlled by the government and the rules of movement and social behaviour. But I do not mind, these are in place for my protection and to protect those I love. Therefore, I have to face the world with another form of CV – courage mingled with my vulnerabilities. The level of control and the change CV has bought into my life was evident to me yesterday when we visited the pharmacy and the supermarket. We arrived…

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    Welcome to our world

    About 30 years ago my One & Only (O&O) and I travelled to Sydney from Brisbane to catch up with my mother (Valma) and the new man in her life (Kelvin). My father had passed away. Some years ago, I wrote an article about Valma and Kelvin and how they married 44 years after they first met.  Believing they were too young as 20-year old’s for a serious relationship, Kelvin’s mother hid Valma’s letter from him. He was heart-broken, but he had to get on with his life. When Valma spoke to Kelvin on the phone over four decades later she said to him ‘you broke my heart.’ While both…

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    What’s Up?

    The Coronavirus Panic If you ask anyone the question ‘What’s Up?’ you will get a range of responses. However, at the moment it seems everyone is talking about the Coronavirus, CO-VID 19, and panicking about what might happen. The stockpiling of household essentials, including toilet paper, is driven by fear. There is a name for it. It is called FOMO – the fear of missing out! Well, what’s up at our place this past week is that we did not go panic shopping. Although in our regular shop, I did put a few extra cans of tomatoes and baked beans in our shopping trolley. Really, what’s up with people stockpiling?…

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    Walking the Whitsundays

    Walking the Whitsundays is it possible? The Whitsundays consists of a huge body of water and 74 islands. But despite that I did walk the Whitsundays. I can hear you saying ‘that’s not possible, how could you walk the Whitsundays?’ It is true I walked the Whitsundays. Oh, did I leave out that one word ‘distance.’ What I have achieved is that I walked the distance of the Whitsundays. But even more so, I have walked the distance of the Great Barrier Reef. That is I have walked more than 2,300 kilometres. I do not know how long it has taken me, I just keep walking. The Whitsundays are in…

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    Aussie rock star Kirk Pengilly

    Have you heard of Kirk Pengilly, the Aussie rock star who performed with the music group INXS (In Excess)? The group was co-founded by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence. Pengilly has a long history as a musician, dating back to 1971 when he was lead singer of a high school band called Guinness. The band evolved into INXS with Michael Hutchence as the lead singer, selling more than 30 million records. However, my focus today is not on INXS but on Kirk Pengilly. He is a talented musician, playing guitar and saxophone. He was also a principal song writer for INXS and a backing vocalist. In 1987 Pengilly when travelling…

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    Gathering the straws of life together

    I have not been very successful these past few weeks in gathering the straws of life together! At least, not successful in gathering my thoughts and writing an article for my blog. I have excuses! It is my birthday month and my son Matt returned to Queensland after eight years of living in Western Australia. Once again he can call himself a Queenslander! Although I have not published a blog that does not mean I have not been writing. I have several unfinished articles while I search for focus. In reflecting on my blog I realised it was time to refocus. That is, what do I want my blog to…

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    Seniors on St Valentine’s Day

    When you get older is St Valentine’s Day full of the same pizzazz and tradition you experienced when you were younger? When my One & Only (O&O) were younger (a few years ago) we would give cards to one another, maybe even put a stamp on the envelope and send it via the post. Then there were the times we would go out to dinner to celebrate love, to celebrate life. So, what changed? We got older. However, that is only part of the story. We no longer find enjoyment in busy and noisy restaurants. However, back in the days when we found joy in joining with the throngs of…

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    Flowering gums and flying foxes

    I am fortunate to live in a treed area in Toowoomba with flowering gums. They are tall and stately trees mostly found in the bush, but one is in the corner of our backyard. There are also a few other trees nearby on neighbouring properties. Where we live was developed around 30 years ago and many mature trees were preserved. We bought our home in February 2016 but did not move in until a few months later. One night in February we stayed overnight (air mattress). My sleep was disturbed by what I thought was possums moving around at night. Life went on and it did not occur to me…

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    Martin Luther King Jr said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Injustice comes to most of us in many varying forms as part of our life journey. But we have to rise above it. We must never give up. We are all born with the ability to rise above adversity. Nothing more to say today, I said it all in my book of 90,000 words published last year.