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    Chasing Butterflies

    In 2022 and beyond I will be chasing butterflies. It is not easy to catch a butterfly. It takes time and patience. But it is worthwhile chasing butterflies to have a closer look at their beauty. In its short life the butterfly is productive. It collects pollen and carries it to other plants, vegetables, and flowers. This activity produces new seeds. Thus, butterflies have intrinsic value in our ecosystem. But there is more to the butterfly then the role they play in the ecosystem. They also have aesthetic, scientific, educational, and health value. Butterflies are known for their beautiful colours and patterns. If we have the time butterflies will teach…

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    Life Matters

    International Day of People with Disability

    International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is a United Nations observed day aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with disability. It is held each year on 3 December. Some disabilities are obvious, others are not. People often judge others by the way they look. Why are we judged by our physical appearance? Today reminds us to look beyond what we can see and get in touch with the feelings, the emotions of people with a disability. People with a disability have a lot of ability. There are many people with a disability that I am in awe of. They have got on with life and…

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    Life Matters

    Integrity and ethics in the workplace

    The critical failure of integrity and ethics in the workplace is well documented. Thus it is not surprising that the behaviour of people in public and high-profile positions comes under scrutiny. But when it does is it the role of the media to publicly air ‘dirty laundry’? Earlier this year the former Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, resigned following a probe into her workplace conduct by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). It related to a secret relationship she had with a former New South Wales Member of Parliament (MP), Daryl Maguire. The outcome of the matter is yet to be made public. This week integrity and ethics…

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    Can curiosity kill the cat?

    Can curiosity kill the cat? Afterall, don’t they have nine lives. That adds up to a lot of curiosity. But what does it mean when someone says, ‘curiosity killed the cat?’ When I hear the phrase, it takes me back to a song. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ was the title. It was recorded by the Little River Band in 1975. Forty-six years later the tune and lyrics are still with me! Is everyone curious? Or only some people? And what are we curious about? Some of us are more curious than others. How did we get that way? Was it through teaching or an innate natural ability? Taking curiosity too…

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    Life Matters

    Celebrating life through connection

    How good am I at celebrating life? How good are you at celebrating life? Do we pause to reflect on the key moments of life and celebrate? There have been key moments in my life that I did not celebrate. Or at the least, celebrate in a way that was memorable. The best way we can make celebrations memorable is when we share them with others. Celebrating the happy times Most of us will celebrate a birthday. A birthday number with a zero is notable and worth celebrating. Another decade of life. What were the experiences, the highlights, the lowlights? There are so many milestones in life we can celebrate.…

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    Finding your place

    Have you found your place? Can you remember when you were at a large group celebration, a wedding, or a corporate event. That is, before COVID-19. You are wandering around the tables looking for your name, your place. Have you ever been the one to swap the table name cards so that you could sit near someone else! You either recognised that this was not the best place for you or for the other person. It’s a small fact of life and not one that is likely to have much impact. But what about other situations when finding your place is not so easy. Belonging Most of us, all of…

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    Expectations and a happy life

    Is it good for us to live our lives with high expectations? Will it make us happy? Or will we be happier if we lower our expectations? But what if we keep our expectations high? If we do, there is a high likelihood we will experience disappointment. Not everyone, or every situation, can live up to our expectations all the time. More so if we set the bar too high. To have a happier life is it as simple as lowering our expectations? We humans are complex beings. We might be alike in many ways, yet in many ways we are different. Thus, we have different expectations of ourselves, others,…

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    Pandemic Puppies

    There has been more interest in puppies since the pandemic settled in and people are in lockdown. So, what better time to welcome a new puppy into your home. A fur baby to be the focus of your love and attention. Due to the pandemic puppies have been in big demand. So, the prices for a puppy have skyrocketed. That is good news for dog breeders. But not so good news for people who could enjoy a puppy but who cannot afford the high price tag. The small, big, and designer dog prices have gone from $800 to $5,000. If you are older, alone, and stuck at home due to…

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    Life Matters

    COVID-19: The pivot and pirouette

    I am looking forward to the time when I no longer have the inclination to write about COVID-19. But as it is foremost in my mind it is my topic once again. The buzz word about business is how they can pivot and keep afloat with little or no income. Or do they need to pirouette? Will they survive the economic and mental health impact of extended lockdowns? Some small businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector will not make it. Also, smaller retail outlets. It does not matter how much they pivot it will not help. Even a pirouette, a full turn around, it will not help. Business capital…

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    The problem with Groupthink

    There are few of us who will not have been influenced by Groupthink, at one time or another. Do you believe you are a free thinker? Someone that always thinks for yourself? Do you critically evaluate differing views? Or is it time to think again? The Groupthink phenomena is present everywhere. Whether or not we get caught up in Groupthink depends on our ability to assess the evidence, not just the views of others. Another factor is whether or not we believe that dissent is an option. Also, is there coercion or propaganda enticing us to follow the group majority and conform?   COVID-19 and Groupthink Even though we are…