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    The life of a cynic in a pandemic

    A cynic is a person who always see’s life as having negative consequences. This is before they actually happen! If this is so, then living with a pandemic have many of us developed the personality traits of a cynic? We keep away from certain areas in our community just in case we get infected with COVID-19. We wear masks. We social distance. We do not have as many people over to our place, as before the pandemic. Sometimes a mask is mandatory. But what about times when it is not? Are these people cynics – believing the worst might happen? We wait for the news. We watch, we listen. What…

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    About regrets

    Frank Sinatra an American singer and actor was well known for his song ‘My Way.’ The lyrics tell a story about regrets. If you are around my age, you will know the song. But what about people who are 40 years younger than me? Do they know the song? Do those in their 20s and 30s have regrets? Or do they live a carefree life, happy and breezy without any worries? If the ‘younger set’ have misgivings about their actions in the past they could be more familiar with the song ‘Shouda, Coulda, Woulda.’ What if we have regrets Is it okay to have regrets? Or should we cast them…

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    Annoyingly polite

    If we are an active participant in life annoying situations or people will form part of our life. Most of us can cope with little annoyances. Someone pushes in and takes your place in the queue. Or you drive into a car space to find a shopping trolley occupying the space. These situations happen regularly. But what if we find annoyance is our best friend? Is it time to do something about it? A debriefing with a friend or an appointment with a therapist. Or do we need to question ourselves? Have you been in a situation and so annoyed, but do nothing about it? If so, you have experienced…

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    Finding our happy place within

    When I look around the world, I see people putting effort into creating a happy place. People want to be happy. Happiness makes us feel good. After finding our happy place within we are more likely to manage adversity. We can then travel life with a steady and quiet optimism? So, how do we find our happy place within? What if everything around us is not working in our favour? Sometimes we can experience ordinary days that turn into the mundane. Or ordinary days that turn out wonderful. Yet how do we get to the point of feeling okay when life is ordinary, and things are not going as well…

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    Finding our happy place

    If we are struggling to find purpose in life, then another possibility is to find our happy place? A place where we find peace and comfort. Our happy place is somewhere we can retreat. It is our sanctuary. It is a place to help us thrive in life when life is more on the downside, then the upside.   If you are someone who does not experience the ups and downs of life than you are truly in a happy place. But, for most of us life does not work like that. It might go along alright for a time than the unexpected happens. It can be as simple as…

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    Finding purpose as we grow older

    Two weeks ago, I published an article titled ‘Seed Purpose.’ I used the metaphor of a sunflower seed.  It takes 83 days for a sunflower seed to grow and flourish into a flower. Are we like the sunflower seed? Can we flourish as we age? Do seeds fall from our lives to regenerate and grow so that we find purpose as we grow older? In order to give my life more purpose with my writing I set myself a task. It was my aim to spend 30 minutes across five days in a writing exercise. The 10 minutes either side of the half hour was my meditation or thinking time.…

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    Seed purpose

    I am reflecting on our purpose in life as we grow older. That is, what is our purpose as we age? Do we have a a purpose? Are you someone who is struggling to find a purpose? Some of you who read my articles are around my age. Many of you have retired or are near retirement from paid work. There is a life stage when we are paid for our work and a time afterwards when we are not paid. But we still work. Some of us spend more time working after leaving the workforce (paid work). Many older people at this stage of their lives volunteer their time.…

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    Cage dwellers

    I have just finished reading Glennon Doyle’s latest book Untamed. Ms Doyle likes to use metaphors in her writing. Her first example is about a cheetah that was born in a zoo. The cheetah did not know what it was like to live in the wild. The cheetah was a cage dweller and trained to perform at the zoo, for entertainment. But was the cheetah happy living in its cage? Ms Doyle goes on to use the metaphor to describe herself. At one time, she was also a cage dweller. She was caged by social conditioning and cultural expectations. The book has many powerful moments of truth about human behaviour.…

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    Today is Good Friday

    Yes, today is Good Friday but what does that mean? Does it mean we have to be good? The state of goodness is about being kind, generous, honest, and helpful. Being ‘good’ is living with integrity and probity. Another way to say this is, ‘doing the right thing, the right way.’ But Good Friday is much more than being good. Good Friday gives me an opportunity to reflect on my life and the world around me. But for many, Good Friday is only a holiday. A time away from work to rest and relax. Time to spend with family and friends. Time to celebrate life. But celebrating life in our…

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    Most people do not know what ageism means. It was something that evaded me until last year when I looked further into the issue. So what is ageism? It is stereotyping or discriminating on the basis of a person’s age. Therefore, all individuals whatever age can be the target of ageism. However, older people are more subject to ageism, those 50+. The World Health Organisation (WHO) released their First Global Report on Ageism. WHO conducted a survey of over 83,000 people from 57 countries which covered all six WHO regions of the world. The result was that one in every two people held moderately or highly ageist attitudes. On a…