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    Noises in the night

    When you live close to the bush like I do there are all sorts of sounds you will hear in the night. The noises in the night are made by small animals, marsupials, reptiles and birds finding their way around. Last night I was awoken by what sounded like a loud bang. It sounded like something landing on something!! You never know what is happening outside, while you are sleeping inside. How did the early explorers sleep in a swag under the stars? Have you slept in a swag under the stars, like my son Matt? He did a trip in remote parts of Western Australia, sleeping in a tent…

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    Life Day By Day

    Good decisions/bad decisions

    We all make decisions every day, some are good decisions and some are bad decisions. With some decisions we will know right away whether it was a good or a bad decision. For other decisions we have to wait a while to find out! Good decisions This morning I made a good decision, the one not to get up too early. If you read my article from last week then you will know about the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule. That is, we have five seconds to make a decision. If we have not acted on the decision in five seconds than our brain switches off. We have lost…

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    Life Matters

    The heartbreaking reality of coronavirus, COVID-19

    The heartbreaking stories caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19 are immense. Every day I watch television and hear them. But are the media concentrating too much on people’s discontent. When the focus should be on how Australia is avoiding a major outbreak of the virus. Entry into Queensland denied As a older Australian I recognise that people are hurting. They are unable to attend a loved ones funeral. Unable to visit a loved one who is dying in hospital or in aged care. But this is the cost we all must pay to save lives. It might sound heartless but funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living.…

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    ‘Some kind of wonderful’ moments

    We are all in the COVID-19 world together which makes me want to look for ‘some kind of wonderful’ moments. When I look around the world, our COVID-19 world, the ‘some kind of wonderful’ moments are missing in so many lives. Living in aged Care Those in aged care are suffering the most when there are COVID-19 community lockdowns. Their ‘some kind of wonderful’ moments are non-existent. I found it very confronting to hear the evidence of Merle Mitchel at the Aged Care Royal Commission. Ms Mitchell is a former president of the Australian Council of Social Services. She knows what she is talking about. In 2019 she told the…

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    From my home to yours

    I am taking a break from short story writing this week. Not that I am short of characters and plots. Too many ideas and unfinished articles! What have you been doing at your place as we all get used to living with COVID-19? I am spending more time at home. While I love my home I miss the spontaneity of change. Such as a short trip away or visiting my favourite Toowoomba restaurant. However, I want to wait, now that the Queensland borders are opened (except to Victorians and hotspots in New South Wales) to see what the virus gets up to! In the meantime, here is a pictorial story…

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    The Backyard

    In my lifetime I have lived in many houses, all with a backyard. I live in Queensland where we have perfect weather to spend time outdoors. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that our Premier wants to keep our backyard, Queensland, free of COVID-19. While tourism is feeling the pain of the lockdown, there could be more pain ahead if Queensland opens its border too early. Even though New South Wales and Victoria borders remain open to one another, they are the worst affected states. On the Darling Downs, where I live, we have not had a COVID-19 case for over 40 days. I do not want to see…

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    Cabin Fever and COVID-19

    Spending too much time alone or confined indoors can bring on cabin fever. The term cabin fever is not a medically diagnosed illness, however it is a recognised condition. The lockdown we are experiencing in our homes due to COVID-19, apart from going out for essential services, can bring on cabin fever. I believe most of us are aware of the importance of following the COVID-19 regulations, including social distancing, to keep us all safe from the virus. That is, apart from the young woman at the supermarket, when I asked my One & Only (O&O) to step back at the checkout, told me it was all a load of…

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    The Power of Flour

    More people during the coronavirus lockdown have discovered the power of flour. There is so much you can do with flour. Now that people are spending more time at home they are experimenting in the kitchen and making their own bread, cakes, pasta, or pizza. If you have young children you can also use flour to make play dough. I made it for my son when he was young (he is now in his 40s)! The tactile experience of play dough is good for children. It enhances their fine motor skills, is very calming and develops their creative skills. It is an activity that grandparents could do with grandchildren, but…

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    The coronavirus classroom: Cardinal George Pell

    We are all part of a social experiment due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). Our lives have significantly changed. Living in a free-market, capitalist society, we could always choose how to live our daily lives. But this choice has been taken away by the coronavirus. We do not know what will be our ‘new normal’ that is weeks, months or a year away. Given our new way of living is this an opportunity for learning? For me, I feel like I have been placed in the coronavirus classroom – a new place of learning. All of us, in our digital age, have an opportunity to acquire new skills. There are self-help…