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Cauliflower Pizza

What a cauliflower pizza? Yes, another kitchen experiment with the “Not So Niçoise Cauliflower Pizza”. Some time ago I bought the book by Sarah Wilson titled “I Quit Sugar – For Life”. There are heaps of recipes and hints about living a healthy and sugar free life. However, for me it is not about quitting sugar. I do not have sugar in my tea or sugar on cereal. But am I consuming it in other ways?

Cauliflower Pizza Ready to Eat
As the Cauliflower Pizza is a favourite of Sarah’s I thought I had to try it. The pizza is based on French cuisine, the nicoise salad, with the pizza having similar ingredients. The recipe had broccolini which I substituted for broccoli. Looking at the photo now I think I over did it a little with the broccoli! See photo of the end product with “Princess Eggs” on top, laid especially for us at Misty Springs by our Princess chickens.

For me, a healthy diet is all important. I was surprised when I had a recent cholesterol check last week to find out that my cholesterol had gone up by 0.5. I have to reduce my LDL (bad cholesterol). I have set myself a goal of 3 months to do this. All the literature about cholesterol tells me to have low-fat products. Sarah in her book says not to worry about eating full fat products. She believes that the key is to check the sugar content. So who am I to believe? There is some truth though in checking for sugar in our foods. For example, the BBQ sauce I buy and love has 46gms of sugar per 100gms quantity. The aim is not to have more than 5gms per 100gms. No more BBQ sauce for me! It seems as though it is the fructose that is doing the damage. Honey is another problem as it has 40% fructose. So my goal is to continue eating a healthy diet and watch the sugar and the saturated fat. Very soon I will try Sarah’s Vietnamese Chicken Curry recipe. I am sure this will gain more stars than the cauliflower pizza, as nice as it was!


  • Christine R

    The pizza looks delicious. I recently flicked through the book Toxic Oil by David Gillespie. I think you might find it an interesting read especially in relation to cholesterol. Gillespie also wrote the Sweet Poison Quit Plan and accompanying cookbook.

  • kjblogstraws

    The pizza was quite interesting with its cauliflower, cheese and egg base. It was baked, topping added then back in the oven. I will follow up on David Gillespie’s book. Happy Cooking!

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