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Chasing Butterflies

In 2022 and beyond I will be chasing butterflies. It is not easy to catch a butterfly. It takes time and patience. But it is worthwhile chasing butterflies to have a closer look at their beauty. In its short life the butterfly is productive. It collects pollen and carries it to other plants, vegetables, and flowers. This activity produces new seeds. Thus, butterflies have intrinsic value in our ecosystem. But there is more to the butterfly then the role they play in the ecosystem. They also have aesthetic, scientific, educational, and health value.

Butterflies are known for their beautiful colours and patterns. If we have the time butterflies will teach us about the natural world. It is good for our health to pause, to stop and stare at our natural surroundings. Take time out to marvel at the magnificence of the butterfly. If you look at a butterfly, you will see they have intricate wing patterns. Butterfly wings are iridescent. This enables them to change their wing colour and avoid potential predators.

In addition to this, butterflies have interesting life cycles. The butterfly on average lives for two weeks but the Monarch Butterfly can live up to eight months. Butterflies, like the Monarch, that live longer than a day or a few weeks have remarkable migration patterns.

female monarch butterfly perching on red petal flower
‘Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will evade you, but if you notice the other things around you, it will gently come and sit on your shoulder’ – Henry David Thoreau
Photo by Tinthia Clemant on Pexels.com

The Monarch Butterfly or Danaus Plexippus which in Greek means ‘sleepy transformation’ is a good name for me now. I am making a sleepy transformation from my Scattered Straws blog website. I am making space for other projects, including writing. My sleepy transformation allows me to take my time chasing butterflies. Which for me, is a metaphor, for new projects, new challenges, new opportunities.

I started Scattered Straws in May 2014. Back then I knew nothing about building and self-managing a website. It has been a wonderful learning process. Not only did I grow in my technical skills but also through the background research for many of my articles. Since 2014 I have written 435 articles, this one makes it 436. This is an average of 54 articles a year.

Have you heard the fable about the butterfly? The story tells us that if a butterfly lands on you there is a season of change ahead. A time of transformation, growth, and a time for spiritual pursuits. A butterfly has not landed on me yet! But I have seen the signs. It is time for transformation, a time for change.

Butterflies in my previous garden in Maleny, Queensland.
Photo by Kathryn Johnston

A new season has begun. It is time for creating new pathways for new learnings. I am excited to see where the path takes me, now I am venturing on a road less travelled.

Given it is a sleepy transformation, the website will remain active for some time. Yet, there will be no new blog articles.

To all of you across the world who took time out of your day to read my articles I say THANK YOU. You made the journey worthwhile.

You too can join me in chasing butterflies. Who knows what you will discover?

Note: Featured image of Monarch Butterflies is a photo by William Clements on Pexels.com

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