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Chicken Palace

Dine-a-chook 'fine dining' feeder
Dine-a-chook ‘fine dining’ feeder
The chicken palace is still being prepared for the princesses. Yesterday it was very exciting as the chicken and water feeders arrived! These were not any ordinary feeders but the ones from “Dine-a-Chook” so my princesses can dine in style. This is called ‘fine dining’ in chook world, no vermin (uninvited guests) can get into the feed, neither can the elements e.g. rain destroy the food. So life is looking great for the princesses.

The princesses will be able to drink water on demand (a little like have a wine cask in the fridge) and very little dust and dirt will get into the water. Therefore they can enjoy every mouthful or should that be beakful! I can see them now, they will be so happy in their palace. It was an interesting process working out where to place the feeders. BJ was a willing helper and after installing the water feeder he decided to make his own brackets for the food feeder. The brackets needed to be smaller so that the feeder did not sway from side to side. Another job for the day (yes, we thought we had finished outfitting the palace) was to waterproof the nesting box as there was a small gap between the hinged lid and the wall.

Waterproofing the nesting box
Waterproofing the nesting box
After research yesterday on the internet I had a few options. I decided to go to the tyre store in Maleny (Bridgestone’s) to see if I could get an innertube to use the rubber to go over the top of the lid (where the hinge joined the wall). I was fortunate to get an innertube with their compliments which worked like a dream after the tube was cut up and attached over the top of the lid (see photo). The finale required me to silicone the join at the top for added protection to keep out any water. We get lots of rain in Maleny and this was a job that will give the girl princesses a nice dry nesting box.
The Sensor Light will deter any foxes
The Sensor Light will deter any foxes
The next step, eventhough the palace is predator proof, was to ensure no uninvited guests arrived unannounced. Such is the situation at the Royal Palace with QE11. What did we do, we installed a sensor light so that any unvited guests (foxes) would know immediately they are not welcome! All is now ready and awaiting the arrival of the princesses. The ETA is not until around 8 August. I could have a naming competition however I have about 20 names chosen, all ending with ‘ie’. A couple of my favourites are Poppie and Nellie. More announcements will be made from the Royal Palace once the princesses arrive!


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