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Christmas reflection

It is that time of the year when there is Christmas music being played wherever you go and time for me to engage in what I am calling a Christmas reflection. In reflecting on Christmas music I realised just how much I enjoy this time of the year. The music, the decorations, the lights and time out to reflect on what is important in life. While gift shopping and placing these under the Christmas tree is a tradition for many, there are others who do not get to enjoy the pleasures many of us take for granted such as fine food, fine wine and fine company during the Christmas period.  As part of my Christmas reflection I realised how fortunate I am. I am very thankful for the many blessings in my life including my “One & Only” (O&O), my son Matthew and my extended family.

Reflecting on Christmas and the music at this time of year I am all at once joyful. There is so much pleasure in music and for me at this time of the year I like to listen to the well known Christmas songs such as Deck the Halls, O Holy Night and O Come All Ye Faithful. Some of these songs are known as sacred music and these I love the most. I have a love of this type of music which I am sure comes from my Roman Catholic upbringing and singing in church choirs. It does something to my emotions and the spirit within when I hear beautiful music. It is therapeutic and soothes my soul. The beautiful voice of a young singer by the name of Amira Willighagen certainly soothes my soul.

If you have not heard the story of Amira take a look at the YouTube video below. Amira was an entrant in Holland’s Got Talent in 2013.

If you like this type of music and looked at the video you will not be surprised to learn that Amira was the 2013 Holland’s Got Talent winner. In August 2014 her debut album titled “Amira” went to number one in the music charts making her the youngest person to top the list in the Netherlands.

Amira’s second  album “Merry Christmas” has now been released just in time for Christmas 2016. My O&O and I sometime get one another a small gift, usually something that is needed for everyday life. My favourite gifts are jewellery or perfume however I don’t think that qualifies as an everyday need – no presents for me! Fortunately for me, “we” went shopping last week and I walked out of the shopping centre with an early Christmas present (a fresh water multi-coloured pearl necklace). This is the bonus of taking my O&O on shopping expeditions. No wonder I get pleasure from having my O&O near me when I go shopping. It is even better since we moved to a large regional center – within minutes I am in a shopping paradise. Presents, presents, presents…and yet the best present you can give is to be present with those that you love. That is, living in the moment and giving your loved ones your ultimate attention. I have had to leave my O&O to write this post and very soon I must return to the present and give him the attention i.e. the present he deserves.

If you are so inclined listen to the song of Amira’s a few years on from her 2013 win (see below). I have listened and now there is now another Christmas present that I would like. It is Amira’s second album titled “Merry Christmas”. Are you giving any gifts this year. It is not necessary but it is an opportunity to show love, appreciation and gratitude to those we love – our family and others who are important in our lives such as work colleagues and neighbours.

Back in September 2015 I shared a YouTube video of Ave Maria. Here is a most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria sung by Amira taken from her “Merry Christmas” album. Take some time out and listen to it if you like this type of music. You may even feel better by taking these few minutes as “Me Time” – time just for you.

And by the way….thank you for reading my blog in 2015. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.


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  • Christine R

    Wow! What a talent. You had me watching YouTube videos for ages. Amira’s voice certainly makes the spirit of Christmas sing in our hearts.

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