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Coffee lovers

If you are a coffee lover then I am sure you know all the best places near you to find the best coffee. I have not been a coffee lover or coffee drinker for years, until recently. Why the change? I am making an effort to get more calcium in my diet and therefore I am drinking more milk. One option I like is ovaltine light break. However, my son is staying with us at the moment and he enjoys a coffee in the morning. Not expresso or from a plunger or a coffee machine, but the old fashioned way, from a jar – Moccona Classic 5 coffee (medium roast). It is freeze dried instant coffee.

While contemplating on my purpose in life I decided to blend this time with having a cup of coffee. My son’s favourite brand. It was delicious. It goes to prove I can change my habits! After decades of not drinking coffee, apart from the occassional flat white when at a cafe, I am back drinking coffee. Once again, I am a coffee lover.

But I am not getting a hit from the caffeine. After trying my son’s coffee I went for the Moccona Classic 5 decaf. It is my choice, a healthier option. Caffeine as a natural stimulant can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and insommnia. But if you drink one to two cups a day, this should not be a problem.

Nonetheless, I do not want to discuss the health risks when consuming too much caffeine, but the price of coffee. On my first excursion to find my new decaf coffee I looked no further than the supermarket shelves of Woolworths in Toowoomba. I was very content with my purchase and looked forward to times ahead of purposeful contemplation while drinking my coffee. That is, thinking about how I could enhance my purpose in life and use my time wisely.

What is your favourite coffee?

But my coffee drinking new habit was disrupted when I arrived at Aldi’s and found their decaf coffee, same amount in the jar and also made in Germany. There was one significant difference, the price! The Moccona decaf was $12.00 for 100grams; the Alcafe decaf for 100grams cost $2.59. I tried both but I cannot tell the difference. Therefore, it is the Alcafe decaf gold for me.

What is your favourite coffee? Do you drink instant coffee – the old fashioned way? Or do you grind your own beans or grow your own beans? It is very satisfying sitting down and having a coffee. It stimulates great ideas, even without the caffeine.

Featured image of coffee cup with heart is by Anna Tukhfatullina, Food Photographer and Stylist.

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