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Cooking to a Latin beat

Cooking can be hard work. Look around any busy home kitchen and it is not long before the dishes pile up! Take the Banana and Date cake I made yesterday. On two occasions I started with the wrong size bowl. Therefore, that added two more bowls to the washing up. It was a new recipe and it looked great when I put it in the oven. Before long, I heard my One&Only (O&O) calling out ‘your cake is falling all over the side of the loaf tin and dripping into the bottom of the oven!’ I removed it from the oven and placed a tray underneath the cake tin. Before returning it to the 180 degree oven I did my best to remove most of the mixture dangling oven the oven trays! Yes, cooking is sometimes hard work!

My Banana and Date cake. Yes, the loaf pan was too small! If only I had been listening to my music with the Latin beat, it might have turned out better.
Despite the mixture overflowing the cake is moist and tastes delicious.

To make things easier in the kitchen I like cooking to a Latin beat. Latin music is energising, motivating and fun. When I am cooking to a Latin beat everything in the kitchen comes together so much easier. Washing up is no long a chore as my focus is on enjoying the music. Because of this I lose all track of time and cooking becomes effortless – well almost!

One of my favourite Latin music albums is Putumayo Presents ‘Latin Lounge.’ I bought it years ago and never tire of the sound.

The Latin beat appeals to people of all ages and backgounds. Its rhythmic beat is intoxicating.

I am a great believer in the benefits of music. It is good for our well-being. Music elevates our mood. While enjoying the music our mind is distracted from the worries of life. It is also known to reduce depression and anxiety. As music is good for our mental health, what better reason do I need then to find myself in the kitchen cooking to a Latin beat?

Winter is the perfect time to spend more time in the warmth of the kitchen. The music helps but also does planning, preparation of ingredients and giving yourself enough time in the kitchen. If I do not leave myself enough time, chaos can creep in. That is when I rely even more on the Latin beat to get me through! The music in tandem with cleaning up as I go is a great way to cook. A sink of soapy water and fewer dishes at the end of cooking does wonders alongside the music. No one, least of all me, wants to prepare a great meal and then feel weighed down with the duty of dishes.

The aroma of a home cooked meal prepared to a Latin beat is somehow more satisfying. Is that true or is it because the music enhances my senses and makes me feel good? If you want to try cooking to the Latin beat maybe you can let me know the answer to my question. In the meantime here are a couple of meals that make us happy at our place.

Lamb shanks in red wine.
Chicken and tomato ratatouille ready for the over.
KJ’s moussaka. I must stop using aluminum foil trays. It may help with the cleaning up afterwards but they are worse for the environment than plastic bags! Therefore, no needs to tell me. I do care for the environment. It is my repetitive strain injury in my hands that is underneath my propensity for less rubbing and scrubbing of dishes.

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