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Cooking with gas…

With our recent move to Toowoomba I am in the kitchen and cooking with gas. I enjoy cooking and in my retirement years I am spending more time in the kitchen.  My experience in the kitchen with a gas cooktop is that everything is not exactly going to plan.

Cooking with gas is SLOW plus time and energy wasting. Take such as my O&O’s favourite breakfast – boiled eggs. We are in the kitchen cooking boiled eggs, looking and looking and checking the water while we waited for the water to boil. It is sooo slow cooking boiled eggs with gas. I also found the same when cooking rice. My first solution was to boil the kettle (electric) and then put this in the saucepan with the gas flame at its highest point. Still slow! My next solution was to use my electric rice cooker. In the past the only time I used the rice cooker was when we had a large group of people and rice was on the menu. But now every time we have rice, just the two of us, out comes the rice cooker!

We also enjoy pasta but when cooking with gas it takes so long for the water to boil. In the illustration in the video it takes just over two minutes for 3 litres of water to reach boiling point with induction and over 9 minutes with gas. I think my point in this one example demonstrates the energy efficiency of induction cooking. It is way above that of gas cooking.

Back in 1998 when we were building our previous house we decided to purchase an induction cooktop. It was a more expensive upfront cost than a ceramic cooktop and/or perhaps a gas cooktop. But after researching the subject I found induction was a better option and I am getting confirmation of those reasons all over again with my current gas cooktop.

Let me explain. With gas you cannot control the heat as well as you can with induction. I find that when I am cooking with gas I am continually turning the gas off (accidentally) when I need to lower the heat. I am also continually looking below the saucepan to check as I adjust the flame.  I am sure gas cooking aficionados will be able to explain why they favour gas but for me after cooking with induction for over 16 years it is far superior.  Part of the reason that gas cooktops are so popular in the Toowoomba area could be that most household are connected to natural gas (CSG or Coal Seam Gas). With this post my focus is on gas cooking versus induction cooking, not on the issues surrounding the mining of CSG, of which there are many. Read more about the Lock the Gate Alliance if you are interested.

Cooking cheese on my induction cooktop earlier this year
Cooking cheese on my induction cooktop earlier this year

There are a number of reasons why I like induction over gas: speed, precision, cleanliness, safety and fewer hot spots. The major difference between induction and gas is that the vessel such as the saucepan becomes the energy source from a magnetic field. As soon as you move the saucepan from the cooktop the energy turns off automatically. If you put your hand on the area where the saucepan was the surface is cool. No burnt fingers for little children or even older people who become forgetful and place their hand on the cooktop! It also keeps the kitchen cooler and this is a big bonus when you live in a place like Queensland with very hot weather in the summer.

The end product of cooking with gas is fine but getting to the end takes longer than induction cooking
The end product of cooking with gas is fine but getting to the end takes longer than induction cooking

For me induction cooking is definitely far superior to gas.  I hope when we find out new home it has an induction cooktop. If not, I will have to replace it. For when I cook with an induction cooktop I find I am really cooking with gas! What about you?

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