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Cutting your own hair at home

Have you ever thought about cutting your own hair at home? One of my aversion’s is going to the hairdresser. I have had some experiences that I don’t want to repeat. There are some great hairdressers but then they charge a great price! I know some of you reading this would never contemplate cutting your own hair. Then what about experimenting on your partner or child! Can you hear me laughing now!

It is not a funny matter however when you get your hair cut or cut it yourself because you have cancer. My One&Only (O&O) had cancer 8 years ago. I have written about this before. He had what we called the “sandwich” treatment, chemo/operation/chemo. During the first lot of chemo his hair, tufts of it, started to fall out. It was time for a haircut. Rather than put him through having to explain the situation to a hairdresser, I cut his hair – actually, I shaved it off. After it grew back I cut his hair for a while, which I enjoyed and surprisingly it looked okay. But after a while, I thought he should find someone who could do a better job than me.

I know of a child whom when he had cancer his mother found all his hair on his pillow one morning. Just like that, an angel had come in the night and cut it all off. Fortunately, this child as well as my O&O had a happy ending. The child grew up, his hair grew and he is a young handsome man living life cancer free.

A few years ago when I was at the hairdressers, I booked a shampoo, cut and blow dry, but I found myself sitting in the chair without the shampoo. Before I left I asked how much extra for the shampoo? No difference, same price – uumm! Then I look back on photos when I was younger and going regularly to the hairdressers my hair got shorter and shorter. How could this happen? It is because hairdressers cut hair and the more they cut the happier they are!

The moral of the story is that if you go to the hairdressers, only go every 6-8 weeks, after your hair has had the chance to grow. Unless, your hair grows exceptionally fast. My other reason for cutting my own hair is that my hair is fine and hairdressers cut my hair the way they cut hair that is thick – they thin it out! One experience I had was very annoying. The hairdresser thinned out my hair, without me knowing (no mirrors at the back) – terrible.

Therefore, I have been cutting my own hair at home for sometime. I almost went to the hairdressers last month before a family wedding but could not bring myself to do it. My hair may not have looked as great as others, but it is my own look! Earlier this week I had a home hair cut, two centimetres off. I may even make it shorter once the winter is over.

If you are thinking of cutting your hair at home there are some helpful youtube videos. Also, buy a good pair of sizzors. Look online for further information and happy snipping.

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