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Have you had anyone talk to you about a digital detox lately? Are we spending too much time on our smart devices? If we are, is this the smart thing to do?

Are we spending too much time on our SMART devices?

We were in Mulgowie last week. Where is Mulgowie I can hear you saying? It is a small town in the Lockyer Valley, 10 kms from Laidley. The small township consists of a few houses or was that only one and the Mulgowie Hotel, no other shops! My O&O was sitting in the car, waiting for me, under a tall shady tree, 30 metres from the Hotel. A woman who lived at the house arrived home. She must have been wondering who this person was sitting under the tree right outside her home on the nature strip. Next thing they were having a conversation (my O&O was on his smart phone) about the digital age and how we are all dominated by our smart devices. I joined the conversation and suggested a digital detox now and then so we can get in touch with the real world. The “real world” for those who still have your heads buried in your mobile is about looking up, looking someone in the eye and having a conversation. When sitting down having the conversation, such as, at a restaurant or in a park, turn off the mobile and live life in the “real world” in the here and now. Another name for it is mindfulness. It is being mindful of what we are doing at any one time, aware of who we are with and mindful of our surroundings.

But then, the mobile must be close at hand to make sure we get that photo or a video of the children or pets. I am not any different. While mobiles and other smart devices have added to our lives – think of the information! Thirty years ago, most of our information came either verbally or in writing and it was slow. Now, we have information overload but that is okay if we are mindful and manage the technology in a way that it is beneficial for our life. Not taking away from our life and our enjoyment of it.

If all else fails and you cannot manage any time-off from your smart devices then you can take the smart step and book into a Digital Detox Retreat. I forgot to mention, to do this retreat you will also have to plan in a holiday to America to take part. Overall, not a bad option, a holiday and digital detox retreat package! If you want to stay in Australia then the Green Goodness Co have three suggestions.

During a digital detox, it is a great opportunity to get outside and get a dose of Vitamin N. Research has shown that we all need a large dose of Vitamin N – another name for it is nature. When we get closer to nature we do our brains a favour.

Time to get out and enjoy nature – the natural vitamin!

Getting out and about and experiencing nature helps our well-being. Research shows that nature is a panacea for many or our ailments. Time for me then to get off my computer, go outside, breath in the fresh air and take notice of the bush around me.

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