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Do it yourself (DIY) Projects

There are so many Do It Yourself (DIY) projects we can do around the home. This time of the year, heading for winter (in Australia), many of us are looking at our garden and planning a few DIY projects. My One&Only (O&O) however is doing more than looking and planning he has begun the autumn/winter pruning. We also reinvigorated a corner of our lawn and bought in some palmetto buffalo grass that does well in the shade. I even helped with shovelling the soil! Maybe you are like others I know and are now working out where to place that outdoor fire pit – a cosy way to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is cooler.

A rejuvenated part of our lawn taking shape!

DIY projects can range from home improvements to DIY gifts. The benefit of a DIY project is that you do not have to rely on others and it is less costly. If we had employed a person to lay our turf we would be looking at hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Now we can use those extra dollars for a few days get-a-way. A DIY project also gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

I have thought about making my laundry liquid and this past week I took the plunge! I know exactly what is in the detergent and it cleans the clothes well. If you like to see the suds in your washing machine you may not like the DIY laundry liquid. The recipe I used has one cup of soap (grated) or you can use Lux Flakes. I used the flakes. Half cup of washing soda and half cup of borax. It is easy to make and makes around 10 litres – low-cost!

A few simple ingredients and I had home-made DIY laundry liquid.

I was not sure my ingredients had properly dissolved, however, I had a solution! I got out my electric hand blender and blended the 10 litres in the 12 litre container. My laundry liquid recipe came from Rhonda’s blog at Down-to-Earth. If you are worried about the use of borax read more here. You can always leave out the borax. If your use the grey water for your plants you will have to leave it out! Not good for the plants. My DIY laundry liquid project is saving on packaging – no recycling and it has less chemicals than the bought product.

I invested in a few new containers for my laundry liquid. They can be reused time and time again!

This past week I planted five tomato plants. I hope they do better than the last lot. To help them along I took soil along with the chicken manure out of the chicken run and forked it into the soil before planting. Then I gave them a dose of seasol. Our last lot of french beans did well so I planted more. In about 8 weeks we will be picking fresh french beans from the garden. Also, the kale I planted a few weeks ago is doing well – food for the chickens, their favourite greens! However, the five plants will not go far, as my chickens like to enjoy a few leaves of kale every day. Note to self: buy more kale seedlings this week.

Now I am planning my next DIY project….stay tuned!

By the way – don’t just stop and smell the roses, plant a rose bush!

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  • Richie Jen

    Awesome Post. Watering is the most crucial part to the successful establishment of your new lawn. Water MUST be applied immediately after being laid until the soil is wet and slightly soft. When I installed a new turf, I lay it over the old turf which I realized later that was a big mistake. Then I clear the old one and install new turf laying Brisbane with proper care, including spiking and fertilising. this gives the best results. Thanks for sharing.

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