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Eat, play, pray

In 2016 I am going to eat, play, pray. Eating is something we all do and have to do to sustain our physical bodies. If you have read my blog in 2015 you will be aware that my aim was to eat well and sourcing food that is organic or home grow where possible. Reducing the kilometres from the paddock to the plate is so much better for us as we eat fresher food. We are also supporting local growers. There is nothing like fresh vegetables and herbs straight out of the garden or a pot on your balcony to make us feel better about our food choices. If you have a small space and thought about growing some of your own food but found the exercise too difficult take a look here for some encouragement. My “One & Only” and I have grown vegetables and herbs in our rental property. The herbs are going very well and the tomatoes planted in deep pots, but not the lettuce in polystyrene containers. However, growing your own food is not all about success every time, it is part of the learning process, experimentation, research and discussion with others until things work better.

Today it is the last day of the year and many of us will be celebrating this evening or earlier by sitting around eating great food and having great conversation. On the menu for us this evening is Peri Peri Duck. I am cooking this in the Weber Q, our new BBQ.

The Peri Peri duck ready for the Weber Q
The Peri Peri duck ready for the Weber Q

We have used the Weber Q about 8 times and I thought today before the “duck feast” I should clean the BBQ. All did not go to plan as per the Weber Q video on cleaning the grills in hot soapy water but I persevered and after much scrubbing it is looking good and ready for tonight! Unless you eat out every night of the week or heat up a frozen meal there will always be a mess to clean up. It goes with the territory. We eat – we clean. Over the years I am wiser in my food preparation and cooking – I clean as I go. It is much easier that way than look at that never-ending pile of dishes and untidy bench tops. In 2016 I plan to eat great food, try new recipes, menu plan, grow vegetables, grow herbs and bake bread at home. We are missing our Princess Chicken eggs but we have found great free range eggs that come from Pittsworth (40 kms away) – Mountain Range Eggs.

Once I eat I want to play. Playing for me means exercising, getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. We do this by riding our bicycles or walking. Taking time out and doing something we enjoy is playtime and good for us. This could be playing sport, music, craft or taking a holiday. A new concept of play for adults has recently emerged, it is colouring in. The benefits of such a pastime has been recognised to relieve stress and help us heal. Read more about it here.  I find that as I immerse myself in a play activity the cares of modern life disappear. Since we moved I have not touched my piano keyboard and this is something I plan to do more in 2016. Playing the piano takes me into another world – this is great play time for me!

The other focal point for me in 2016 is to pray. Praying is not only an internal matter it can also be external in that I can pray for others. But what is prayer and how do we pray? Praying need not be a complicated matter and we don’t have to be in a church building or even be still to pray. However, this is an area I would like to explore more in 2016. We all have a different life journey and this is the same for our spiritual journey. I have spoken to people who only believe that this life on earth is it and that’s the end of it! But what if it isn’t and there is an afterlife, after all! If we pray will it help us? A 2012 poll in America showed that 75% of people believe that prayer is an important daily activity and evidence is emerging that there are benefits in prayer. If there are benefits in prayer then I would like to enjoy these in my life.

I am very excited about what will unfold in 2016 – a new home, a new neighbourhood, new friends, new learnings and new discoveries, as I eat, play, pray. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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