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It is that time of the year when we are full of expectations. Do you have any expectations now that Christmas Day is just around the corner? Expectations of yourself or others? At this time of the year many of us all of a sudden have expectations! We expect certain things from family members and friends and they expect certain things from us. We expect that special gift, the one we have been waiting for all year!

What are you expecting this Christmas? A gift or two?

Therefore, it is good to take “time out” to give ourselves some thinking time, to work out what others expect of us and work out whether we can meet their expectations? However, it is not always possible! Therefore, don’t get weighed down with the expectations of others! Expectations we are unable to fulfil.

It is wise to plan ahead about how we will manage our time at Christmas. If you are like many others and leave all your Christmas arrangements until the last-minute, then why should you be surprised when it all gets too much! Without planning ahead, you can expect the occasion will have more stress then you expected.

Yesterday, when on a brief shopping trip for groceries at Grand Central (shopping heaven) there were people everywhere. We did not even sing the little song for a parking space “hail Mary full of grace, give me a parking space” but there it was the only space in the entire car park on our favourite level waiting for us. That was a joyful moment – and unexpected!

Soon we were over the road at the chemist where I noticed that there was little joy coming from the shop attendants. I expected more at this time of the year. It was a simple expectation, a smile and a wish of “Merry Christmas” as we finished our transaction. I then experienced the same back at Grand Central. I wondered what was happening? Have unhappy customers spoilt their day and their joy is now depleted? What happened to my pleasant and joyful customer experience? Yes, I did expect more.

The Christmas tree, Grand Central, Toowoomba.

Again, when at Toowoomba’s Grand Central Shopping Centre earlier this week (I know it sounds like my second home) I passed by Santa’s temporary home, just outside Myer’s. It was early in the morning and Santa had nothing to do apart from wandering around waiting for the next child, that wee, joyful and expectant face to appear and tell him all about their Christmas wishes. I looked at him and hesitated, thinking that maybe I should go and have a photo with him. I think he noticed and just smiled as I kept walking. Later in the morning as I walked past again there was a crowd of expectant children waiting for their turn to talk to Santa and get a photo. I looked over towards Santa and he waved to me as I passed, I waved back. Three giggling teenagers beside me thought he was waving at them. I said, “sorry girls, Santa is waving at me”! We all had a good laugh. Yes, that is what Christmas is all about – joy, having a little fun with others! Expect joy to come into your life this Christmas season. I have found in life that if I first give joy to another, then as if by magic, I find joy in the most unexpected ways and the most unexpected places. Try it and let me know how you go!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog in 2018. I wish you all a joy filled Merry Christmas!

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