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Farmers’ Markets

Yesterday we were at the Farmers’ Markets held in the grounds of the iconic Empire Theatre, Toowoomba. It is held every Thursday from 12 noon to 6pm. It was our first time at this Market. We arrived early and not all the stallholders had set up. This was due to a recent change of the starting time from 3pm to 12noon.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Toowoomba, perfect for being outdoors. We enjoyed our walk to the Markets and then having a look at the different stalls. We bought some fresh made pasta from Angelo. We found out that Angelo was the founder of Angelo’s House Restaurant, 210 Herries Street, Toowoomba, opposite Laurel Bank Park. The restaurant has recently re-branded and is now called the Urban Grounds Cafe. There is a growing cafe culture in Toowoomba. Gone are the days when the local cafe served up milk shakes, chips and paddle pops. Barista’s (those who make coffee) are popping up everywhere in the city. Barista’s are skilled in making a range of specialised coffee’s and are trained in the art of being a barista. Not that this is of significance to me as I am not a coffee drinker. I am fine to have the occasionally coffee but for me my preference is for tea. Most markets whether these be art & craft or produce & food you will usually find a barista!

Angelo with his fresh home-made pasta – buonissima (very good!)

Looking at all of Angelo’s pasta, made from Semolina, I had to take some home. We are having the pasta tonight with a rich Italian bolognese sauce. These days I make up extra and freeze one to two extra meals. It gives me a night off on another occasion. Better than getting a take-away! We know what is in the food and the hygiene practices that are followed in its preparation. Leaving Angelo we found a stall of organic herbs. I am fully stocked at the moment with herbs, 30 jars in all. Next we went on to the olive stall. Olives of different flavours made by Bunnyconnellen, Crows Nest. Tasting was welcomed and we enjoyed tasting three varieties before we made our selection of two. These will be great to add to our Mediterranean diet.

We did not buy any fresh produce today as we are stocked up on fruit and vegetables. Not long after we came home we wandered out to our veggie garden and picked fresh snow peas for dinner. I don’t think I have ever tasted a snow pea so good. This is life, day by day, at our place. My One&Only (O&O) is recovering from his shoulder surgery and diligently doing his exercises, set by the physiotherapist, three times a day. Life is challenging with only one arm, however we have moved into the rhythm of managing all that has to be done day by day. Fresh veggie’s home grown and our home grown eggs…this is the good life!

Bunnyconnellen olives – delicious!
Snow peas – from our garden to the table. We can’t get fresher than that!

Enjoy your weekend. Maybe you too, will find yourself in a farmers market this weekend.

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