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Feedback fatigue

I think I am suffering from feedback fatigue. The condition is caused by incessant requests to give feedback about products and services. If I give feedback it takes up so much of my time. If I don’t give feedback it still makes me tired due to the continual bombardment for requests. I then have to decide should I give feedback? If I do, will it change my life? Will it change someone elses life?

Just in this past few days I have had requests from a hotel we stayed in, my dentist, and an insurance company seeking membership feedback.

I need a quiet place to get over my feedback fatigue.

I found the request from the hotel intriguing. They said, if your stay was enjoyable we would like to hear from you. My interpretation of that is if our stay was not enjoyable then don’t bother with the feedback. I could provide feedback about the noisy air-conditioner and the meal but I would be complaining. So, I don’t complain I let my feet do the talking. I won’t go back!

But now that you are reading this post I will tell you about my dinner at the hotel. My one & only (O&O) ordered Moreton Bay Bugs. He had five halfs which I thought was rather good for the price of the meal. I got to have a taste. They were char grilled and a little over cooked but still enjoyable. I ordered the Prawn and Scallop Linguine. Before eating my meal I decided to check out how much seafood was in the dish. One prawn cut into three and one scallop cut into four. Fortunately, the chilli olive dressing had an outstanding flavour. I decided to pass on giving feedback about my missing seafood! The wine helped.

Earlier in the year we stayed at a five star hotel for my birthday. The price was high, the service and facilities low. Afterwards I gave feedback. I was then offered an upgrade for our next visit. I don’t think they took on board my feedback. I was so unhappy I would never go back!

Does feedback make a difference? Are businesses just asking for feedback as this is what they do to make customers think they care! I like to be helpful, but after giving feedback does anything change? You can see that my attitude is not what it should be. This is a sign of feedback fatigue. From now on I will press the delete button on any emails requesting feedback. Very soon I should recover from my feedback fatigue. How about you? Maybe you too are suffering from feedback fatigue.

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