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Finding lost things

Yesterday I wrote and published an article titled ‘Purpose as we age.’ But somehow it disappeared into cyberspace and I cannot find it. It is like so many other things in life that disappear – your favourite pen, glasses, books, wallet, tablet, keys, mobile, even friends. Finding lost things is not always easy.

When I was 16 and working, one of the first things I treated myself to was a marquise pendant watch. Then one day it just disappeared. Years later I realised it disappeared with a light-fingered person that was in our home. However, I still have my marquise watch that my parents gave me for my thirteenth birthday. At the time, watches were a valuable gift. The gift was treasured. Not like today when watches, fitness trackers or smart watches are regularly replaced. The old ones disappear into a drawer or are thrown in the trash.

In the coming week I will rewrite the article ‘Purpose as we age.’ In the meantime, I hope this article on ‘Finding lost things’ does not disappear after I hit the publish button. Enjoy your weekend.

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