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The First Princess Egg

The First 'Princess' Egg
The First ‘Princess’ Egg
The first Princess egg arrived this morning without too much fanfare. It arrived one week and one day after the girls arrived to live in their new home, Cluckingham Palace. The egg was still warm when I picked it up from the roosting area. Perhaps she could not quite make it to the nesting box! All I have to do now is train the ‘girls’ to lay their eggs in the nesting box. The egg is only small but the girls are still growing so that is understandable. The photo shows the Princess egg on the left (46 gms) and looking very delicate. The supermarket bought egg (extra large and 76 gms) on the right. I believe that small hen eggs are called ‘Fairy’ eggs, but not at Cluckingham Palace, they are called ‘Princess’ eggs.
This is what was inside the first 'Princess' egg
This is what was inside the first ‘Princess’ egg
I cracked the egg just to be sure it had a yoke (eggs without yolks are called ‘fart’ or ‘wind’ eggs) – it is true! I was hoping that was not the situation for my first egg laid by one of the Princesses. But all is well and the first Princess egg had a yolk (see photo) as well as a hard shell.

The Princesses are participating in Etiquette Training School every day and still seem very relaxed with their lifestyle. Last night (the eighth night at the Palace) was the first night that they all put themselves to bed, the night before there was only one recalcitrant Princess. With a few encouraging words from me she wandered up the ramp into the rest room for the night. These Princesses are very fast learners. They seem very content in their surrounding and soon on a nice sunny day they will be allowed to explore the wider grounds around the confines of their Palace accommodation. Anyone reading this may think this blog site is turning into a blog about chickens. Just to surprise everyone another subject is forthcoming over the next few days. In the meantime if you were always good at English at school you should know the answer to this question. Question for blog readers: what is the correct grammar “the yolk of the egg ARE white” or “the yolk of the egg IS white”? I hope you got it right!

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  • Bill Johnston

    The Princesses all have minds of their own. They look at me intently and do their “cluck.” I think they are more intelligent than I am.

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