Food & Fun on Sunday

Today we travelled along the New England Highway (towards Crows Nest) around 32 kms and landed at the Hampton Festival to experience “A Taste of the Good Life”. It was a perfect autumn day, warm and sunny. The food, the wine (though I didn’t taste any – gelato instead), the music, the produce, the olives, the oil (even Avocado Oil on sale from Maleny – made from avocado’s grown in Hampton) and an array of colourful people – The Hampton Festival had it all including the obligatory dust on your shoes and car when you travel to the country. Read more about it here and maybe next year you will join in the celebration and “taste the good life”.

The photo (see above) is from the Hampton Festival facebook page. The other photos below were taken by me on the day. I tried to take photos that would not identify people but so many had people in them and they have ended up in my archives or were deleted. Is is possible that people in the crowd mistook me for a professional photographer? If they did it would have been because I used my long lens. It made me look as though I knew what I was doing when all I was doing was practising getting good photos from moving objects. As you can see from my photos I need more practice!

Above are photos of Hayden Quinn engaged in a cooking demonstration. Hayden was in the MasterChef Australia Series Three and ended up in the top six. Today we were treated to some simple tricks in the kitchen as he cooked a whole fish Asian style. He also told us insider stories about his experiences on MasterChef and some behind the scenes tales. Note the bloke in the hat (my “O&O) chatting to Hadyen after the show telling him a fishy tale about that HUGE fish that he caught on the Barwon Banks (off Mooloolaba) many years ago.

What I enjoyed about today was getting out in sunshine and having the time to stroll around even though there were hundreds of other people and then not having to worry about getting ready for work tomorrow! It took me a while to transition into retirement but now I have fully arrived and enjoying the taste of retirement and yes “the good life”. My life right now is “as good as it gets” but if I want it to be better the only person who can change it is me! My “O&O” was not sure about going to the Hampton Food Festival and having to deal with the crowd, but with my encouragement he came along and we both had a great time. It is like many things in life – we have to step out and step into life – otherwise we don’t go anywhere or do anything.

The stalls The Hampton Crowd

Today at the Hampton Festival people were making the most of a warm autumn day and enjoying all that the area has to offer. Talented and gifted people shared their stories, their music, their food, their wine, their goods and produce and also their art. Every festival is a great way to get engaged with what is happening in your local community. For me today it was not only “a taste of the good life” but a celebration of life. Celebrating the day, being thankful for all I have and walking arm in arm with my “One & Only” (“O &O”). The moral of the story of us getting out and about today is – “just do it”.

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