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Fork to Fork

We are enjoying a fork to fork experience as our home veggie garden is producing some of our food. Why should we worry about fork to fork when it is so easy to pick up veggies at the supermarket or local markets? There are a couple of reasons why I have gone down the track and today I will share those with you.

Home grown organic: the first reason is that when we grow our own organic produce we have better tasting food. We reduce the food kilometres and we know that our food is fresh – no storage! I really like beans, particularly when cooked in garlic – yummy. However, I have found that the beans we buy from the supermarket do not keep for long in the fridge. Even in an airtight container. Therefore, we went out and bought bean seedlings, the stringless type that grow in a small bush and do not need a lot of climbing space. Only after a few weeks the growth is phenomenal. It won’t be long before we will be eating our own green beans, fresh from the garden.

Improve our health: when we grow our own food, we know how these are grown. If they are organic than there are no pesticides. The more veggies we eat, the better is it for our health. The more colours we can put on our plate helps us get the nutrients we need. Also, I know that my food is safe to eat with no contaminants.

Our small backyard veggie garden is thriving!
If you live just around the corner, come over and pick up a lettuce!

Get outdoors and exercise: having a veggie garden gets me outside. Once I am outside then I am breathing in fresh air, looking around and enjoying my surroundings. By the time I have watered the plants, citrus trees and pulled out a few weeds I have had 15 minutes of exercise.

Save money: saving money on grocery shopping means we have extra $$$’s for treats, outings and holidays. For those on a low-income saving money is important and they get all the other benefits plus keep within their budget. Saving money is not my primary motivation but it is still satisfying knowing that I am not wasting our money.

Time to get the fork and dig out the potatoes – a real fork to fork experience!
Our first potato harvest this year! Still more potatoes in the ground.

Soul satisfaction: growing your own veggies is good for the soul. It just makes me feel good to see my plants flourishing. A little work in the veggie garden is very rewarding. A few months back we grew snow peas. From the garden to our plates in less than an hour. The taste is very different to the peas bought at the supermarket. Then there are our potatoes! The real fork to fork experience. So fresh. Steamed with butter or roasted – bellissimo! My O&O planted the seeded potatoes and I watered them most days when doing my gardening/chicken chores.

What about the chickens: Yes, our chickens also have the fork to fork experience. When we have cherry tomatoes a few go into their run for them to enjoy. Then when my O&O cuts the leg of ham, some of the bits are set aside for the chickens. This is their top food item now! Once they finish they squawk for more. A little is never enough! They do not understand the word moderation!

This is Lucy relaxing with her friend who lives next door. Birds of a feather, stick together!
Here is Carmella scratching in the run. Chickens are always busy! This little chook though has a tendency to go broody – it is happening again today! She loves sitting in the nesting box waiting for those imaginary eggs to grow into chicks.

We hope to enjoy our fork to fork experience many times over 2018. Our current crop of lettuce has been good to us. Very soon we will have more cherry tomatoes. The bean plants are thriving and so is the zucchini, capsicum, chilli and cucumber. As I am the only one, out of the two of us, who likes cucumber I planted only two seeds. One plant died, and I am left with one! However, it looks like I will have dozens of cucumbers, the plants are climbing everywhere with many yellow flowers. It looks like I will have to share our fork to fork experience and when we have an abundance give some to our neighbours and friends.

If you have a fork to fork experience maybe you would like to share it with me and others. In the meantime, go for some “soul satisfaction” – by growing some of your own veggies. If I can grow veggies, anyone can!

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