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I am taking a break from short story writing this week. Not that I am short of characters and plots. Too many ideas and unfinished articles!

What have you been doing at your place as we all get used to living with COVID-19? I am spending more time at home. While I love my home I miss the spontaneity of change. Such as a short trip away or visiting my favourite Toowoomba restaurant. However, I want to wait, now that the Queensland borders are opened (except to Victorians and hotspots in New South Wales) to see what the virus gets up to! In the meantime, here is a pictorial story of my time at home over the past couple of weeks.

In the kitchen making chicken and mushroom pies!

My favourite recipe at the moment is Beef Stir Fry. If you try it, keep the meat tender by not overcooking the eye fillet. It is also great with kangaroo, which is our dinner for tonight. Bellissimo!

Still in the kitchen, making jam and sweet chilli sauce.
I always knew my son was one in a million and now it has been confirmed. He got a job after being unemployed for 3 months. He left us with some interesting food items in the pantry and this plant. It is a Schlumbergera truncate hybrid. It is an indoor plant and gets beautiful pink flowers. I was concerned it might die if it remained indoors with me! Therefore, my O&O and I found a new home for it in a shady spot under a tree in our garden.
Molly, Polly and Dolly are growing. A healthy hen has shiny feathers and a brightly coloured comb. A fluffy rear is also a good sign! Polly was continually escaping from the coop run. But after fencing reinforcements little Miss Houdani is restricted to her home territory.
BBQ prawns with lemon, parsley and garlic. Matt introduced us to the BAR-B In A Box. It is a disposable BBQ you can take on a picnic. But we had our BBQ on our back deck – delicious. Better than any flavour I have had in any restaurant! I loved cooking with the coals so much I went out and bought a charcoal grill, the Weber Go Anywhere portable BBQ. What do you like to BBQ?
We took out a tree and replaced it with a new feature tree for our front garden. It is a beautiful slow growing upright tree from the Japonica family.
A beautiful view from our back deck on a stunning winter’s day.

So many things to enjoy at home. What about you? Share with me what you are doing at home during COVID-19 changes.


  • kjblogstraws

    Thank you Christine for your feedback. I liked your observation ‘delicious or beautiful.’ We do need more ‘delicious’ and ‘beautiful’ things in our lives. I am reminded of when the French President, Emmanuel Macron, visited Australia. He referred to the then Prime Minister’s wife, Lucy Turnbull, as ‘delicious. Lucy was charmed and flattered!

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