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Gathering the straws of life together

I have not been very successful these past few weeks in gathering the straws of life together! At least, not successful in gathering my thoughts and writing an article for my blog.

I have excuses! It is my birthday month and my son Matt returned to Queensland after eight years of living in Western Australia. Once again he can call himself a Queenslander!

Although I have not published a blog that does not mean I have not been writing. I have several unfinished articles while I search for focus. In reflecting on my blog I realised it was time to refocus. That is, what do I want my blog to be about? One of my writing group friends sent me information to help me in my journey of refocusing. One of my tasks is to work out my key goal for my blog. What do I really want to write about?

One of the first questions to ask is ‘what are my passions?’ I have a passion for writing, for researching, to discover what is happening in the world around me. I have used my blog as a platform of expression, to express my love for writing and to improve my writing skills. Perhaps this is okay. Or do I need to be more topic specific?

Should I take up golf instead of writing a blog?

There are blogs about all types of subjects: such as food, travel, life with kids, self-improvement, health and fitness, relationships or communication. The list goes on! A blog can be informational, educational, or inspirational. These are some of the questions to ask yourself if you want to have a blog. For me, writing a blog over the past six years has been about growth, about learning and discovering what’s happening in the world around me and then writing about it.

My blog is mostly about what is happening in my life, but my question to self is ‘is this interesting enough to others?’ I like to comment on social and political matters but does this mean I go off on a tangent? Should I keep more topic focused when I write for my blog – scattered straws?

For about a year I have thought of closing down my blog but when I am about to take the step I pause, I reflect and wait another week.

One of my passions is writing. However, my desk is never this tidy!

As I work out the way forward maybe you as a reader might like to give me some feedback. What do you like reading about? Is it okay if I choose random topics? Do you like photos? Do you like to read topics that are informational, educational or inspirational? Does a blog need to be one thing or the other? What are your thoughts as you go about gathering the straws of your life together?

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