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Glorious Garlic and other things

Glorious Garlic:

In July 2014 I wrote a post titled “Gastronomic Glorious Garlic” where I discussed the benefits of garlic. Garlic is ever present in my kitchen and used in all types of dishes. As garlic is a medicinal plant and high in vitamins it is good to eat garlic. It was 18 months ago when I made the decision to grow my own organic garlic. I cannot believe where the time has gone and still I am no closer to growing my own garlic. But recently I did buy 1 kilogram of Australian Certified Biodynamic garlic. The purple garlic grown on Patrice Newell’s farm in Gundy, New South Wales, arrived in a purple cardboard box. There are no chemicals used anywhere on the farm and with the organic certification I know that I have the ridgy-didge organic product.

The garlic arrived in a purple cardboard box all neatly packed in between scattered straw (perhaps it was raffia ribbon)
The garlic arrived in a purple cardboard box packed between scattered straw (or was it raffia ribbon)


The Purple Garlic looks scrumptious. The individual cloves can be used in cooking or the bulb can be baked and enjoyed with roast lamb or a BBQ steak
The Purple Garlic looks scrumptious. The individual cloves can be used in cooking or the bulb can be baked whole and enjoyed with roast lamb or a BBQ steak

If I am fortunate enough for one of the garlic bulbs to start shooting in a couple of months then I can plant it and grow my own organic garlic. I am looking forward to experimenting with growing garlic however if I am not successful or only have a small crop I have the back up plan and can buy from Patrice Newell again down the track.

Other things:

Moving: I cannot believe that the 2015 year is almost over. Whatever happened to all those weeks and months! We have been busy preparing our house for sale, seeing the sale go through, moving all our furniture and belongings into a rental while we find our new home. Settling into a new home and area takes times. It took me at least 5 weeks before I felt comfortable with the change.

Shopping in a new location: We have visited every shopping centre within a 4 kilometre radius and after 7 weeks have worked out the best shopping place for our needs. I found the Kialla Organic Flour (Australian Certified Organic) at Wray Organics (Certified Organic Market and Cafe) in Toowoomba. It seems I am moving in the right direction with some products but still there is more I can do. We have done all our Christmas shopping and enjoying cutting ham from the bone – not organic though but delicious just the same. I don’t plan to go overboard with having everything organic but where I can I will.  I miss my lovely fresh Princess Eggs. Will I have chickens in the future…..only time will tell.

Growing vegetables and herbs: We bought a range of plants and herbs and before I knew it my “One & Only” (O&O) had planted these in polystyrene boxes. Our basil, parsley, thyme and tomato plants are all growing in a box ready for their move to our new house in 2016. When we were buying our plants we were asked questions by a young woman also buying seedlings about growing vegetables and herbs and how she would manage these living in a rental property. No better person to ask than my O&O. He was able to give advice including the polystyrene box option. She went about her business very contented now that she had more knowledge about vegetable and herb growing.

Making friends when out and about: Do you have the same experience as us in that strangers talk to you when you are out shopping? Earlier this week we were shopping for Christmas tree lights and a bloke just moved into our space and told us what to buy and where we could get the best deal (not at the shop where we were looking). A few days later we found our Christmas tree lights and red and gold decorative balls for our 1.8 metre tree.  It is simple but effective and looks great at night with the coloured lights flashing. All our Christmas decorations are packed away and will stay like that until we move into our new home. There are quite a few boxes we have stored away in one room in our temporary home. It will be exciting to unpack these next year and find all our little treasures that we have forgotten about.

Theme for the year: My theme for 2015 was “Live Simply to Simply Live”. How successful have I been? My thinking about living simply has improved over the year and it will continue in 2016 and beyond. I may do a review of 2015 and what steps I have taken to live more simply before the end of the year. I like to have a theme for each year and in 2016 I have settled on one, unless I change my mind in the next couple of weeks. More about that later….

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