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Holidaying at the beach

Holidaying at the beach is good for you. There are so many benefits the ocean and sand offer and it all comes for free. A day trip is one option. But if you like to linger longer at the beach you might have to pay for accommodation. That is, unless you have a generous friend who allows you to stay at their holiday home.

It has been a while since I had a beach holiday and enjoyed the soothing waves of the ocean. But to keep safe all swimming must happen between the flags, with lifeguards on duty.

The ocean water’s with gently rolling waves lapping at your feet, might look inviting and safe.  However, the ocean can be treacherous and rips can take an unsuspecting swimmer into dangerous deep water and even death.

Once all the safety precautions are taken it is time to sit back and note the benefits of holidaying at the beach.

1. Sand and seawater are natural exfoliates. Take off your shoes, go for a walk. It is a great opportunity to wriggle our toes in the sand.

2. Seawater has anti-aging properties without the cost. The seawater stimulates our skin. As seawater has magnesium it will improve the skins elasticity. I wonder how many times I will need to take a dip in the seawater to get this benefit!

3. The potassium in the seawater helps skin conditions. I hope my skin cancer wound which is now healing well (after antibiotics and ointment) will look even better by the time I arrive home.

4. Then there is the benefit of a dose of Vitamin D from the sun. But, not between 10 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. when UV rays can damage the skin.

5. Sitting on the beach and staring at the ocean is a great meditative activity. It is good for the mind and soul and takes stress away with every crashing wave.

6. The beach is an open playground. Ready for ball games and throwing freebies. But for me, now that I am older, I am more inclined to sit, rest and watch the waves. This is my recuperative method after a long beach walk.

There are so many benefits for a trip to the beach and everyone is on board. Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Queensland are a good example. How do I know? It’s the cars and people in unmanageable proportions. Everyone wanting a piece of beach paradise!

My top tip for a top beach holiday is to go somewhere quiet. A place close to the beach, cafe’s and shops. All within walking distance. Keep the car garaged. The first and only outing for the car is when it is time to take you home!

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