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Kitchen Musings

During my kitchen musings, I seem to get a lot done. While doing what would seem to many, mundane chores, I reflect on life and dream about tomorrow. Even at my age, now in retirement, there is a tomorrow and while I have one I want to make the most of it, that is my tomorrow that becomes – today!

Everyday chores can be made better with musing and music. Musing while working around the home is creative. I find and I am sure you do as well, that reflection can bring about an unexpected thought or idea. Such an idea can take us places. That is, if I am reflecting on a holiday destination. Sometimes it is great just to cogitate about a potential experience, even if it is not just around the corner. Much can come from kitchen musings.

Just the other day I was musing on the 339 combination. That could be 3×3=9 or perhaps I have tried something 339 times and perfected in when I did it on my 340th try. I think I would have given up by then! If it took me 340 goes to achieve a goal, I would never make it! Anyway, the 339 combination I was musing over is $3.39 million. That is, how much the Federal Government pays in interest EVERY DAY on Australia’s debt! Yes, I have mused about this and wondering how did Australia get into such a mess, with such a debt!

And now the Federal Government wants to give $1 Billion to Adani as a concessional loan towards the $2 Billion rail link project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. If the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine goes ahead it will be the largest coal mine in the world. Mostly, it will provide coal to India. But at what cost? A former Chief Scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Dr Charlie Veron said, “there is no single action that could be as harmful to the Great Barrier Reef as the Carmichael coal mine.” The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site and in my kitchen musings I reached the conclusion that if we want the reef to be “great” we must stop tampering with it. We cannot prevent weather events, such as Cyclone Debbie causing damage to the reef but we can protect the reef in other ways. We do this by not using the Great Barrier Reef as a ship corridor to transport coal. My musings lead me to believe that the reef is at risk. There must be other ways to create jobs. During all this hype, I hear that India is intending to move away from coal and towards renewable energy! So why would the mine go ahead?

My kitchen musings make me wonder how we got into this mess and how do we get out of it – the financial mess and the Adani mess. Meanwhile, I am making a mess in the kitchen. I am trying out my new slow-cooker with Moroccan Lamb Shanks on the menu tonight.

Moroccan Lamb Shanks….should be great! Looks even better than the photo depicts!

I must get out of my kitchen musings and put on some music. That will make me feel a whole lot better. Enjoy the Easter Break. Here is an uplifting song to get us all in the right mood for the long weekend.



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