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There is great interest these days in cooking and the television show My Kitchen Rules (MKR) is no exception. For me it is a real positive for the limelight to shine into the home kitchen. Although at times MKR is more of a pantomime then a cooking show. Perhaps this is why so many people are being entertained by MKR.

KJ with Steph & Dan
KJ with Steph & Dan
I remember when Dan & Steph won My Kitchen Rules in 2013. Soon after we were at the Noosa Food & Wine Festival and Dan & Steph were there living their dream. The main realisation of their food dream is a café in Harvey Bay called Eat. I spoke to Dan when he was at the Real Food Festival at Maleny in September. All is going well for them in their food/life venture. Better still I hear that their dream of having a family is confirmed. Steph & Dan’s baby is due in April 2015.

But for the moment back to my kitchen. While I like to cook and try new recipes it does take effort, energy and planning to be a great cook. Look at Maggie Beer from the Barossa Valley. Maggie never trained as a chef but has forged out an exceptional life as a cook, doing what she loves. Similarly, I can see that Jamie Oliver loves to cook. Both Maggie and Jamie are inspirational and encourage the use of fresh produce in cooking.

It is true there are more males that are professional chefs than females however this is slowly changing. There are more females in the home kitchen but this is changing as well with more men feeling at home in the kitchen. For me this is a positive as roles are redefined. The home kitchen being a place only for women is a legacy from the early 1900’s. At the time men went to work, women were homemakers. In the 1950’s after the Second World War women who had been working as part of the war effort were expected to return to their domestic duties in the home. Not all women were enthralled with this turn of events. This gave momentum to the second wave of feminism. Some people feel uncomfortable when the ‘F’ word is mentioned. The ‘F’ word or Feminism is about a worldview, about language, gender equality and equal opportunity. For me it is ultimately about having an informed choice. Not being socially conditioned for a particular role but given options, an ability to think for oneself about the socio-political culture and an individual’s place within this.

For me right now at my time of life I choose to spend more time in my kitchen. Getting back-to- basics and enjoying the simple delights of making something that did not come out of a packet or a can. Yesterday was the day of the Melbourne Cup so there was no better day to venture into making bread rolls in KJ’s Kitchen to go with our prawns and salad lunch.

Fresh Home Made Bread Rolls
Fresh Home Made Bread Rolls

I feel empowered when I use fresh produce from my garden, eggs from my chickens, when I venture into making my own cheese and bread rolls in my home kitchen. Yes, little by little, ‘My Kitchen Rules’.

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