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Travelling somewhere?

It is the time of the year when people all over the world are travelling and placing labels on their suitcases. What type of luggage labels do you have? Are they easily recognisable? Is it colourful? Does it say something about you?

Product labels

We would not recognise any products unless they were properly labeled. The product label not only tells us about it, but it is used to promote the product, to make us reach for it from the supermarket or shop shelve. Then there are the labels on clothing, it tells us all about the item and it will also have a tag attached giving you further information that will help you decide how much you want to pay for the item?

Product labeling is big business. Without the right labeling the product will not be as successful.

People labels

Then there are the labels that you put on yourself – yes, on you or for me, on me! These are the invisable tags that tell me and you about ourselves. It may not be the true self but nonetheless they have somehow got there and are securely attached!

Then there are the labels we put on others. Those invisable labels or tags that are unseen but so obvious for those who attached the label. Once attached they become part of the persona of the person, part of you and part of me.

Removing the labels

It is very easy to take the labels off your luggage. Particularly, those extra labels put on by the airlines. It is also easy enough to take the labels of clothing and dispose of the box or plastic bag that labels your soap, face cream or dedorant. But then labels that are on the bottle or tub of cream remain there for the duration of its life! Every time you pick it up the label reminds you of the product you are using.

But what if you or I have a label? Let me explain. If someone said you are a “bossy” person or a “lazy” person then you are tagged, a new label! If they say it to you over and over then it can become part of who you are, if you accept the label. In these instances it can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

There are professional people, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, doctors to mention a few that may give you a label. Before you know it you are the person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Sometimes it helps to name a condition and attach the label. At other times it can be harmful as the person integrates the disorder, it becomes part of them and they can get stuck with it!

In the meantime, think about any labels you have, labels you have tagged yourself with, labels others have tagged you with. I will do the same. Where the journey will take me is anyone’s guess – that’s the exciting part of life!

How do we keep the “good” labels – the ones that will get our luggage to the right destinations and get rid of the “bad” labels – the ones that weigh us down?

In my next blog, the first one for the New Year I will explore this subject area. I am interested in how we create our world, our best world possible, just the way we want it! Yes, I am interested in taking time out and dreaming. Dreaming and creating new goals and new possibilities for 2019. How about you?


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