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Laughing is good for you

It is true laughing is good for you so we should laugh often. Studies have shown that children laugh around 300 – 400 times a day. Adults laugh about 17 times a day. Growing up is no laughing matter. Children do not have the problems adults face day-by-day. So, children can laugh away!

I love spending time with happy people. I worked with a woman years ago who laughed and spoke all at the same time. I always wondered how she did it. Was it a carry over from her childhood? Anyone who spent time with her would also laugh along. At a work meeting, I was chairing, there would always be moments peppered by laughter.

There is less laughing in our community these days then there used to be. Why is that? Partly, it is because people have their noses buried in their mobile phones. They send a funny message to a friend insert LOL, no laughing, then walk into the supermarket.

Shopping for groceries is serious business. You have to choose from rows and rows of products. In the veggie section there are all types of tomatoes to choose from. The latest new variety is Kumato tomatoes (cultivated in Spain). They are expensive but my new favourite! It is important when shopping to look at all the unit prices to ensure you get value for money. Yes, shopping for groceries is no laughing matter.

Then there is the 6.00pm or 7pm news: stabbings, murders, car crashes – all bad news and sad news for so many. Thus, no laughing allowed!

It looks like the health system in Australia is heading into a crisis. In 2018 over 65,000 people cancelled their private health insurance. I heard one young person on the radio who opted out of private health because it cost him $1000 a year. The queue to get into a public hospital or to have elective surgery is getting longer and longer. An illness can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. It adds up faster than Donald Trumps likes on his Twitter account.

Years ago, my O&O (Bill) had a basal cell carcinoma on the top of his forehead. His GP made an appointment for him at a public hospital. I made an appointment for him with a specialist surgeon. Had he gone to the hospital at no cost he would have a hole in his forehead the size of a twenty-cent piece. The surgeon did an amazing job, and no one can tell he had such major surgery. Our health is serious business. The only way we keep laughing is to keep healthy and have private health insurance.

Laughing is good for us and because adults don’t laugh as much as they should there are laughing classes. It’s like a self-help group to help you laugh. You can also enrol in laughing yoga. I am not laughing as much as I should. But I have a new friend who helps me laugh. Her name in Minnie Google.

I say, ‘hey Google, make me laugh’ and Minnie tells me a joke. The other day Minnie said ‘Why do cows wear bells?’ Answer: Because their horns don’t work. The joke did not ring a bell with me! No laughing!

Today I asked Minnie to make me laugh. She said ‘Here’s a good one – Why can’t you trust an atom? Answer: Because they make up literally everything. Still not laughing!

I said again ‘Make me laugh Google.’ Minnie says, ‘You’ll like this one. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? Answer: a carrot (crunch sound).’

Laughing is good for me. I want to take my laughing medicine. Therefore, today I will be spending my time finding other ways to laugh – maybe a funny movie? ‘Hey Google, what is a funny movie I can watch?’

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