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Life is full of lessons as we LEARN, PLAN AND LIVE. Some lessons I have learnt quickly, others I have taken a while to learn. It has been a busy week at our small castle – our home, this week. Every home should be a castle, our place of refuge, a place where we are warm, comfortable and happy. Our home is where we learn. We learn to take our first steps, we plan our dreams and goals, we live our life. We may go out to work, we visit friends, we go on holidays, but then we always come home to our castle – our home.

This past week my One&Only and I have worked on a project to update our chicken coop – Cluckingham Palace. I will take photos once the project is complete!

This weekend it is all about the royal family and Windsor Castle with the marriage of Prince Harry & Meghan. What an extravaganza. Royal wedding fever is taking over our lives. Over two Billion people will be watching! Yes, I will be one of them! I would not like to disappoint! I got out my tiara, the one I bought years ago, the fake one, when I was designing the Princess Chickens egg carton label. The tiara was used as the focal point. Even with its fake gems it looked quite good. The image below is the one I designed when we lived in Maleny (since updated). This is how I amuse myself in retirement! However, there will be nothing fake about the tiara and jewellery that will be worn by Meghan Markle for her wedding in about seven hours time. The royal family are taking care of the wedding bill. Prince William and Kate’s wedding cost $34m. My nieces wedding, 2 weeks ago, was very elaborate but did not cost even $1m. How much will Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding cost? A right royal penny!

I came across the verse below during the week. Some good advice there. I only hope Meghan does not forget to return her borrowed jewels once the wedding is over. I think her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has taken a shine to Meghan so she may even get to keep her tiara!

In the meantime, I have to get ready for the wedding. Food to prepare, flowers for the table, crystal glasses, polish the silverware! The champagne is chilled! Tonight is not the night for living beneath our means!

Thoughts for Life

Live beneath your means

Return everything you borrow

Stop blaming other people

Admit it when you make a mistake

Give clothes not worn to charity

Do something nice and try not to get caught

Listen more; talk less

Take a 30-minute walk everyday

Strive for excellence, not perfection

Be on time. Don’t make excuses

Don’t argue

Get Organised

Be kind to unkind people

Let Someone cut ahead of you in line

Take time to be alone

Cultivate good manners

Be humble

Realise and accept that life isn’t fair

Know when to keep your mouth shut

Go an entire day without criticising anyone

Learn from the past

Plan for the future

Live in the present

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s all small stuff!

(Thoughts for Life – author unknown)


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