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Life is like an onion

Life is like an onion and our life is also full of onions. Let me explain. Peeling an onion is often used as a metaphor to explain life. We can only find what is at the centre of the onion if we peel back the layers. For example, we can use the onion metaphor in the context of learning. We learn layer by layer and finally we have grasped, or hopefully, the knowledge we need to acquire in our field of study. The onion metaphor or analogy can help us describe or understand a culture to evaluating a person for a job by exploring the different layers of knowledge, skills, behaviour and values. The good ole onion has put itself central in our world!

Onions, like other vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. We need to eat some of these every day!

I find I need onions in most of my recipes. It is good that they are easy to come by and to grow. Onions are one of the earliest cultivated crops. Paintings of onions are found on the inner walls of the pyramids. Archaeologists have also discovered paintings of onions on the walls of ancient tombs. In Egypt onions can be traced back to 3500 B.C. Yes, they have been around for a while and still turn up on our kitchen bench day after day. There is good reason to keep onions handy as they are very good for our health. Onions are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, beta carotene and folate. They also keep our metabolism healthy. Onion juice is an antiseptic and an effective medicinal remedy. If you suffer from poor circulation, such as cold feet, there is a remedy. Just chop an onion rub it over your feet and soon your circulation will be improved and your feet warm. Maybe that is not something you should try before you go to bed at night!

Home made coleslaw is a great way to eat onion, carrot and cabbage!

While cooking in the kitchen I contemplate the fact that life is like an onion. To get to the core or our own life or others we need to peel back the layers. As we do we find that we are continually unearthing something new. We are on a journey of discovery. There is always something new around the corner, all we have to do is have the courage to peel back the layers – food for thought! What about you? Do you think life is like an onion?

A few onion facts:

Onions are low in calories.

Onions make you cry because of the sulfuric acid found in them.

Cut the root end of the onion last and you can peel and cut the onions without crying..

There are more than 20 varieties of onions.

You can get rid of “onion breath” by eating parsley.


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