Little things mean a lot

Do you think it is the little things that mean a lot at this time of year? As we are nearing Christmas most of us are thinking about ways we can share the joy of Christmas. What can we give to family and friends? What can we buy for that special person in our lives?

At my age I have everything I need, maybe not everything I want! Generally, my “One & Only” (O&O) and I do not give gifts to each other at Christmas. What we like to do is to go shopping together near Christmas and buy one another a gift or two! Then there is our Christmas stocking where we can place the little things and yes, little things mean a lot. This year we bought ourselves a Fitbit. That is the look-a-like watch that stays on your arm 24/7, apart from when we have a bath or shower. The Fitbit counts the steps we do each day (from midnight on) …. all those trips to the bathroom during the night are now all worthwhile for my O&O! Our heart beats per minute are monitored, we can track a run or work-out and then collapse in a chair and relax with a guided breathing session for two minutes. I like the fireworks that go off when I reach the 10,000-step target. A very worthwhile Christmas present for 2017. If you are thinking of buying a Fitbit, go on-line and buy one. Our on-line purchase came about because when I rang up The Good Guys all the sales people were busy. I had to wait for them to call me back. As I could not get a definite answer on the time I would wait I had a look on-line. To my surprise I found and ordered two Fitbits for $62.00 less than the Hot Buy price advertised by The Good Guys. The next day we picked up our Fitbit Christmas presents, from The Good Guys. A small saving – but little things mean a lot.

Our Christmas stockings near our “wee” Christmas Tree in the family room – our BIG tree is in the dining room. 

There are a lot of little things that we can do for others that will mean a lot. If we know what a family member likes than we can buy that. There are little things we can do to make a difference to the lives of others such as something we can make or bake at home. This year, as enthusiastic as I am in making things and baking things, I did not do this. I had other ideas that I hope others like! Another Christmas gift I could have bought my O&O, and at $12.00 a month ($144 per year), is just over the price we paid for one Fitbit, is to adopt an orangutan. Helping an orphaned or injured orangutan is a worthy cause plus you get an update twice a year on their progress. Maybe, this is a gift you could buy for an animal lover.

There are so many little things you can buy that mean a lot. There are figurines, books, scented candles, plants, flowers, garden tools/gloves, diaries, watches, chocolates, fruit cake, biscuits, perfume, after-shave, soap or a reed diffuser, fragrance for the home. Then what about costume jewellery – the sparkling type!

In the song “little things mean a lot” by Kitty Kalen she sings about the importance of little things. Yes, little things that mean a lot. If you like songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s click below.

The gift giving, while great, will not change the heart towards others if there are no kind words or no acts of kindness throughout the year. In the lyrics Kitty sings “don’t have to buy me diamonds and pearls” – not sure about this line in the lyric – after all, aren’t diamonds and pearls just “little things”! Happy Christmas shopping. There is still time to shop – 10 more sleeps!

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