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Live Simply

We all go through the different seasons of life. It is winter now in my part of the world and given recent events surrounding my life it is fitting that I should contemplate what is important in life. The seasons of life shape who we are, our behaviour, our attributes and how we treat others. But then, we cannot blame how we behave and treat others on the seasons of our life. It is my responsibility, as it is all of us, to rise above the circumstances, to discover what matters and then to place the important things foremost in our life.

My motto for some time has been to: live simply, to love generously, to care deeply, and to speak kindly. All I can do is try. I am sure if we all lived our life this way would the world be a better place?

The video below gives us insight into life, through the perspective of a cup of coffee. After you watch the video maybe you would like to find a place where you can prepay a coffee for someone who would enjoy a coffee but can’t afford it. Okay, I get the message, I’m off to look for a cafe so I can prepay a coffee! Perhaps someone will be encouraged and find a better life just through a cup of coffee!!





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