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Living to die

Living is such an important part of our lives, but do we think for a moment we are living to die? We do all the regular things, the things we are familiar with, birth, growing up, partners, starting a family and so the cycle goes on. We are born and we to continue living until we die. Death is an event that none of us can escape. You may be the worlds smartest person, the worlds richest person but you are living to die!

My intention is not to sound morbid, but once again I may be touching on a subject that many or most want to ignore. That is, the fact that we are living to die. I like living. Maybe you are like me? You do all the right things to stay alive. You visit the doctor; have a yearly health check; anti flu shots; eat healthy food; exercise and maintain a positive attitude.

You may wonder why I am writing about living to die? It is because for the past week I have been beside my mother who is living to die. Twelve hour days or 9 hour days is standard for my sister Christine and I to support her in the process of dying. We can’t stay any longer as her aged care home won’t allow it. That is fine, we need a break and we know that when we are not with her she has nursing support. Further, my mother is really blessed as she has other grown children x 3 who are also supporting her. Christine and I are the anchors and the others are tightly connected.

We are providing this level of support to our mother not because it is our duty, but because we love her – she deserves our support. She loved us from birth, she nurtured us, she fed us, she provided learning opportunities, she entertained us, she made us clothes, she taught as how to live our life and how to laugh. Values were important to our mother. We were taught to respect others, to show kindness, and live a life we can all be proud of. For that and much more we are thankful.

As she is transitioning to a new life I am sad but I am happy. I know that she is going to a better place where there are no more tears and no more sorrows. Not like on this earthly life, were we all have our share of joy and sorrow.

My mother surprised me when she was in hospital last week for four nights. She asked me to pray for her and then she recited Psalm 23 word for word. I know the psalm but I probably would have faltered, but no not her. A few days later she repeated the psalm when all her grown children had gathered around her. It is a very comforting prayer for the dying.

My mother is an extraordinary woman, not just because she lived the life she has but because of her history of living life, she lived a life that was exceptional. Her story is yet to be told. In the meantime, she is living to die. Life itself is so precious and it is valuable so we hang on to it for as long as we can – time to be with our loved ones. At her appointed time, my dear mother will leave this earth for a better place. For her sake, I hope it is sooner rather than later. God bless my mother and God bless others who are going through similar circumstances. My heart is one with you.

If you would like support in regard to dying and managing the circumstances click on the link.

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