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Never give up

There are many mottos we can live by and ‘never give up’ is an important one. Many Australians are going through tough times at the moment. States across Australia are facing unparalleled fire emergencies. Up to 100,000 people have been asked to leave their homes in Victoria. Yesterday around 1,000 people were evacuated to two naval vessels (MV Sycamore and HMAS Choules) from the beach at Mallacoota in Victoria.

In Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia fires are posing a risk to life. This is an unprecedented situation, never seen before in the history of Australia. New fires are forming at a disturbing rate. This follows scorching temperatures, extended heatwave conditions and an ongoing drought with no rain expected for months.

Lives have been lost including our courageous ‘firies’ as they protect lives, homes and communities. A number of people are still unaccounted for. Those who are affected by the fires must feel like giving up. At times like this support is paramount. It is encouraging to see people supporting one another. Then there are the government and non-government who are lending a hand. Agencies such as the Red Cross, Lifeline and the Salvation Army step in and by their actions and words say ‘Things are tough, but ‘never give up.’

Whatever we face we can be comforted knowing that the sun will rise again in the morning.

Soon fire affected victims will move into the next phase of recovery. This is when there can be an increased sense of helplessness and emotional trauma. People will need support to plan for the future – one that will take them into unchartered territory. The re-building of lives, homes, businessess, communities and townships will take time, money, cooperation and resilience. Healing will not happen overnight.

The motto ‘never give up’ is needed as conversations happen across Australia and across kitchen tables. Standing in front of a burnt out home a hand around a shoulder will say a hundred different things but all encompassed in three words ‘never give up.’ The provision of a warm meal, a hot shower or a gift from a stranger all say ‘never give up.’

I am adopting the motto ‘never give up’ for 2020. These three words are a simple but powerful motto and motivator for living the best life we can.

It’s a new day

so ‘never give up.’

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